Rediscover Your Inner Child With This Dream-Like Homegrown Photoseries

Rediscover Your Inner Child With This Dream-Like Homegrown Photoseries

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” — Pablo Picasso.

Standing true against time and tide, this echoing sentiment reverberates through my mind when I find myself stuck in an art block.

In a world of deadlines and rush hour traffic, somewhere along the way we tend to lose our inner child that thrives off of creative intention and liberated imagination. However, art centres around unleashing one’s inner child; that isn’t afraid of questioning and chasing an original thought.

Exploring the essence of unfiltered expression and the inner child that resides within all of us, photographer Farheen Fatima’s dreamy photoseries reconfigures the intersection between reality and an element of wonder.

Garden Of Innocence

Welcome to The Garden Of Innocence, where an offbeat universe makes you revel in pictures that are both alluring and disquieting. Building upon a strong conceptual plot, the photo series draws inspiration from a Simone Rocha look-book. We’re talking tutu dresses and feminine undertones drowning in a jumble of flora-vibrant, blooming metaphors for the unfettered spirit of human nature.

Farheen Fatima is a self-taught visual artist who engages in narratives themed around nature and human relationships. She explores these themes through her photographic practice as well as with her rhythmic illustrations.

Delving into the nostalgia and purity of the inner child and embracing the colours, carefree beauty, and dramatic essence of spring outings, the pictures evoke an air of a free and floaty state of mind that reminds the viewers of simpler times experienced as kids. With a childlike sense of wonder & honesty that allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve, the bright hues palms are symbolic of unfiltered expression and a larger-than-life sense of magic that theatre encapsulates.

Friendly reminder to protect the inner child that resides in all of us.

Image Courtesy: The Garden of Innocence

You can view the photoseries here.

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