Rema Chaudhary’s Photography Exhibition Is A Collection Of Ethereal Landscapes

Rema Chaudhary’s Photography Exhibition Is A Collection Of Ethereal Landscapes
Photography by Rema Chaudhary

Located in Downtown Mumbai, Kala Ghoda is one of the most prominent art districts of the city. Apart from the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in February, it hosts many other art festivals throughout the year. From 16th November to 8th December, 2019, an art event would be held at Method Art Space in Kala Ghoda from 11am to 8pm, except on Tuesdays.

Method is an independent creative art space in Mumbai’s art district. Adding to the fabric of this eclectic city, the space elevates artists by breaking traditional definitions of “fine art”. A playing field of contemporary, street, modern, and at times even classic art, the art space embodies boldness of form and freedom from the norm.

The artists exhibiting at Method are typically mid-career artists on track to leave a mark on modern art history. As an art space, Method becomes an active participant in each individual’s artistic journey. It provides a platform where artists can create work as they envision it, unhindered by the restrictions of commissioned or client work, the true essence of their artistic vision emerges.

The art being showcased is Rema Chaudhary’s photography exhibition, named “The Lightness of Being”. It displays a collection of landscape photography depicting the void that is central to human life. It also showcases images of a solitary individual drifting through the void with a sense of unadulterated freedom. The flight of the individual symbolises the uninhibited life-force that he or she unleashes with great abandon. It also implies an acceptance of what it means to be. The images are clearly about liberation and the way mankind achieves it despite the innate meaninglessness of life.

These artworks will be displayed over a period of 23 days.

The exhibition is open for all.

Duration : November 16th - December 8th

Time : 11am - 8pm (excluding Tuesdays)

Location : Method Art Space, Mezzanine Floor, Nagindas Master Road, Besides Burma Burma, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai - 400 001

You can find more information about the event here.

You can check out her instagram here.

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