Sign Up For These 3 Highly Rated Courses To Upskill Your Photography & Editing This Lockdown

Sign Up For These 3 Highly Rated Courses To Upskill Your Photography & Editing This Lockdown

Photography is a universal language and let’s face it, we’ve all tried to be ‘good photographers’ at some point or the other in our life. The key component to furthering our knowledge on the subject, as in every other, is to keep practising. While we keep confined to our spaces, trying our best to keep busy, some major players in the photography industry have come up with free online courses. So, stay home and refine your skills with these top-notch classes from the comfort of your home.

Picture Credits: Nikon; The Art of Making a Music Video

I. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT’s OpenCourseWare has a free of cost course on Introduction to Photography and Related Media brought to you by the world’s best instructors at MIT. The course provides practical instruction in the fundamentals of analogue and digital SLR camera operations along with the basics of editing post productions. The coursework is the same as what was taught at MIT in the year 2007 by Reilly Rabitaille, a darkroom expert. Check out this course on their website here.

II. Home with Olympus Sessions

Are you tired of overcrowded Zoom sessions? Do you want to learn from an expert in a one-on-one session?

A team of Olympus experts are available online to answer all your questions through free sessions. You may take up a one-on-one session, completely dedicated to your individual questions, or sign up for a group session focusing on a specific camera model or photography genre, all the while getting inspired by being part of a community of photographers.

Non- members of Olympus are also welcome to join! It’s a great opportunity for everyone to understand the Olympus system, with advice specifically curated to your photography interests.

You may visit their website here.

Picture Credit: Adobe

III. Adobe #CreatingFromHome

Adobe brings top-notch free photography and editing resource guide for all its users. The video tutorials are mainly focused on their editing software Photoshop and Lightroom. Some of these videos are two minutes or shorter making it easy to squeeze it into your schedule.

Head to their website for more information.

Whether you have only two minutes or two hours, we hope you find what you’re looking for to keep #CreatingFromHome.

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