Sneakers, Trucks, & More: A Pakistani Truck Artist Paints With Passion

Sneakers, Trucks, & More: A Pakistani Truck Artist Paints With Passion
Truck Artist

The space where art meets identity is wondrous. Culture and tradition are aided by vehicles that hold the potential to express themselves creatively. Traditional South Asian art, specifically, distinguishes itself with its bold use of colour, intricate patterns and designs as well as overall presentation.

At Homegrown, we love a good unconventional blend. It led us to find truck artist, Haider Ali, a Pakistani artist with immense talent and knowledge of paints and painting. His vision translates to not simply a canvas, but anything from scooters, cars, shoes, and even aeroplanes! What began as a journey of painting trucks has now turned into a way to introduce the world to this beautiful form of art.

A true celebration of Pakistani identity through exciting artwork is what seems to be Haider’s forté, and there is no denying his passion for it.

His latest creations are sneakers that have been adorned with truck art. Elevating Nike sneakers to a new level, Haider did not shy away from covering the shoes in traditional goodness. Letting his creativity loose on white as well as black sneakers, his incomparable art skills are on full display.

Image Courtesy: Haider Ali

Haider’s statement pieces are the kind of art that makes your eyes light up in wonder and coerces you to look at it close enough to be able to appreciate all its elements. Doing much for Pakistani identity, Haider is more than a truck artist, and his work crosses leaps and bounds to prove that.

Find Truck Artist Haider Ali here.

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