The Homegrown Textile Artist Weaving Creativity With Functionality

The Homegrown Textile Artist Weaving Creativity With Functionality

Oona Dmello is a painter and textile artist based in India whose compositions have been exhibited around the country, in the United States and in Singapore. From the basis of her belief that everything holds meaning, she approaches her life and works with this concept, infusing each creative decision with intentionality. For Dmello, nothing is an error and yet, nothing is planned. Every one of her pieces is alive in its creation, each form, line, and color is a conversation.

Oona D'mello

Oona, a global visual artist currently based in Mumbai, says that through the personal examination of her own practice and process, she has come to see that at the precipice of creation, especially co-creation, one cannot determine the result without being honest to the process of immersive exploration.

“In my personal practice, My art is free, gentle, perfect in its imperfection—where nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong. This is my ethos while creating a body of work.”

— Oona Dmello

As for Oona, she hopes to inspire creatives to engage with a diverse range of artists and explore personal practices when in conversation with others and work towards expanding the conversation and fostering uncommon pairings to harness atypical innovation and have grand ideas realised.

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