The Lunar Dome Art Installation At The Nehru Planetarium Is One Of The Biggest Ever Created

The Lunar Dome Art Installation At The Nehru Planetarium Is One Of The Biggest Ever Created

Commissioned on 3rd March 1977, the Nehru Planetarium in Mumbai was built with the objective of fostering an interest in the Sciences through ‘edutainment’ (a mixture of education and entertainment). It has gradually grown into a centre for the scientific study of astronomy, as well as a venue for meeting of scientists and scholars for discussions and lectures. These include science quiz contests, astro-painting, astro-poetry, science elocution and astro-quiz competitions. Special arrangements are made to watch, study and photograph lunar and solar eclipses, and many other such events.

As part of an innovative venture this year, an art installation replicating a moon has been built atop the planetarium. This is one of the biggest moon installations to be created. A viewing deck has also been set up at the Nehru Center for an unhindered and unforgettable viewing experience.

It has been conceptualized by Sideways and brought to life through the efforts of St+art India Foundation and veteran artist Sharad in partnership with Asian Paints and Nehru Centre.

The installation is a commemoration to the Chandrayaan missions, and a hat-tip to the scientists at ISRO.

Nehru Planetarium houses some awe-inspiring space installations and has been hosting astronomical events to spark people’s interest in science and space for decades, making it the perfect site for the moon landing. It will be open for viewing for the next few months. Visitors can visit it anytime between 11am to 9.30pm.

The Lunar Dome at Nehru Planetarium, Mumbai

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