The Urban Indian Is A South Asian Streetwear Brand Empowering Third Culture Communities

The Urban Indian Is A South Asian Streetwear Brand Empowering Third Culture Communities
Urban Indian

The identity of a place is a culmination of the sights, sounds, and smells found in it. In an Indian market the spices from street foods in the air, the old songs at a barber shop and the cows sitting on the roads might not mean much to us who live here but to an Indian person living or brought up abroad, this sensory experience might feel like a ritual of homecoming. Extracting from these elements that make up the memory of home, the Urban Indian is a streetwear brand that is creating a place of belonging for the third culture community in the United States of America.

The Urban Indian's clothing line blends comfort with cultural pride. From cozy sweatpants to eye-catching tees emblazoned with texts in regional Indian languages like Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada etc., their designs reflect the linguistic diversity of India. They take traditional elements like the lotus flower and reinterpret them for a contemporary audience, offering a fresh perspective on global fashion. The Urban Indian plays a vital role in preserving and promoting Indian culture in the West. Their clothing serves as a conversation starter; sparking interest and appreciation for Indian heritage.

The Urban Indian's mission extends far beyond apparel. They are passionate about fostering a strong community that celebrates Indian culture and heritage. They actively engage in cultural discussions, support local artists, and participate in festivals while becoming a pillar for the Indian-American diaspora. Through social media, they connect with their followers, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

Taking their community focus a step further, the Urban Indian boasts TUI Radio, a platform that curates playlists based on moods and different regional Indian languages. This unique initiative allows users to connect with their cultural roots through music, further strengthening the sense of community. The brand also constantly curates a list of upcoming South Asian artists to help their followers discover new sounds in their culture even if they are away from home.

Acting as a keeper of culture in the West, the Urban Indian aims to build a community for the Indian diaspora and help them stay connected through their roots, whether it's through fashion or music. From their latest cricket collection celebrating our World Cup victory to a Father’s day photoshoot starring Indian dads, the brand constantly creates homegrown narratives in their visual campaigns and collaborates with Indian artists. In doing so, they are fostering a breeding ground for cultural expression and creativity and highlighting the quintessential beauty of sharing an Indian heritage. Their work is aimed at not just the diaspora but for all of us in India who may have forgotten our roots.

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