This Cave-House In Nashik Bridges Urban Life With Nature

Gumpha House
Gumpha HouseVikrant Dashputre/Arch Daily

Though it has been an undisputed argument that the physical space one inhabits influences one’s state of mind, few modern structures are designed with the intention to soothe the repercussions of high-strung urban life.

That is why the Gumpha-House; it’s form inspired by the structure of caves that allows its users to absorb the vast calming potential of nature becomes an architectural treasure. The brainchild of Shailesh Devi and team at Within N Without, this structure in Nashik is made in stone with a series of different rooms connected by pathways that resemble a network of tunnels. For a poetic presence of light the house is lined with a number of circular windows along the side, allowing an abundance of natural light in during the day while with sunset a handful of pre-installed lamps in each room keep things lit. To minimalise human clutter the house offers an array of various cushions that act as couches and chairs in each of the rooms. This futuristic stone-age influenced structure beckons its guest to enter through a small wooden framed door into a world suspended in time; one we would surely love to visit.

Image Credit: Arch Daily via Vikrant Dashputre
Image Credit: Arch Daily via Vikrant Dashputre

To view more photographs of the Gumpha-House click here.

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