Take A Curated Tour Of The Sassoon Dock Art Project

Take A Curated Tour Of The Sassoon Dock Art Project
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UPDATE: The curated tours will be running until the 16th of December and will be available all week. Apologies for the confusion.

Sassoon Docks, considered the southernmost tip of Mumbai has undergone a renovation by our beloved St+Art India, a not-for-profit organization that believes in revolutionizing street art across the country. A culmination of installations, murals, audiovisual experiences and screenings have given the 142 year old space a second lease on life. From portraits of over 200 members of the fisherman community to rooms full of plastic bottles depicting the gut-wrenching perspective of a fish underwater, a spectrum of international and Indian artists have come together to showcase their talents under one roof. An ode to one of the first few inhabitants of Mumbai, the volunteers at St+Art India, have brought into the limelight the too often ignored fishing community.

Although it’s been unlocked to Mumbaikars in the past, the docks have never been appreciated nor explored by the locals. Hoping to share its narrative through the art interventions, the team is hoping that amidst the fast life of Mumbai, its people catch a breath and discover the docks for the heritage it carries. This open forum is an initiative to bring various communities of Mumbai together to celebrate the streets as a canvas for visual creativity.

Along with creating this curation of artists, the people behind this spectacle have also taken the efforts to help visitors understand the perspective and intent behind the murals as well as the need for this presentation. Having designed a well structured tour of the docks, volunteers have been trained to guide spectators into each artist’s piece, describing in detail the concept behind it, along with its relevance and any stories that led to its formation. Watch the interactive experience come to life in the tours that will be running until the 16th of December. What’s even better? This weekend, St+Art India is collaborating with Bonjour India and Institu Français for interactive sessions spanning around urban planning and sustainable architecture, accompanied by screenings behind the spectacular art interventions of the creators. Head to South Bombay this weekend to experience a surreal art adventure!

You can purchase your tickets here /For more information, click here.

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