Architecture & Design Bolster Surrounding Nature At This Kerala House

Architecture & Design Bolster Surrounding Nature At This Kerala House
House & Garden

It must always be remembered that a home feels much more comfortable when it is in tandem with nature –– one that respects its boundaries and resources is a home that provides happiness to a larger extent.

This is showcased beautifully through a house in Kerala by architect Bijoy Jain, interior designer Axel Vervoordt and landscape architect Tom Stuart-Smith. Situated among the wondrous landscape of Kerala, this family home truly emphasises our oneness with the environment.

The house is a marriage of subtlety and style –– not overcrowded in any manner, each square foot of space in the house is carefully planned to make the most of what the surrounding land has to offer. The family said to House & Garden, “We were completely disconnected from nature, but nature in Kerala is forceful. You learn quickly here that you have to live alongside it, and treat it with respect.” Open spaces and a symphony of brown, the house is a marvel to look at, and probably even better to live in.

What is noteworthy about this house is the interplay of the works of Bijoy Jain, Axel Vervoordt and Tom Stuart-Smith –– how each aspect ties into the next seamlessly with no scope for jarring elements. The space is utilised so it radiates calm energy –– exactly what a home that is an extension of nature should be.

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