5 Homegrown Skincare Brands For Every Skin Type

5 Homegrown Skincare Brands For Every Skin Type
Madhuri, Skinlayersblog

Browsing through beauty store aisles to Youtubing countless hours of DIY home remedies — the hunt for the perfect skincare routine has us all looking for reliable products, tips, and hacks to achieve that flawless glow.

As someone who’s quite the experiment guru when it comes to skincare, I have discovered that every skin type relies on a unique blend of skincare products that help with both the quality and consistency of our skincare regimens.

Maybe you’re just a basic sunscreen and moisturizer kind of person or a 7-step skincare routine kind of person, or maybe you’re yet to discover what works for you yet! Regardless of it all, we bring you a quick cream of the crop curation of the best skincare brands. From new formulas to luxurious staples; these Homegrown skincare brands are a must-have.

I. d’you

Promoting a scientific approach to skincare, d’you products are centered around educating its consumers about skincare and building a market for biocompatible products. Introducing innovative skincare formulations that are dismantling ‘chemophobic’ notions in the Indian beauty industry, we recommend trying out the hustle serum (an all in one serum containing 12 active ingredients) and their ceramide moisturizer for best results.

View their products here.

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II. Neemli Naturals

If you’re someone who prefers going down the organic beauty route, Neemli Natural’s range of sustainable, eco-friendly, and plant based range of skincare might be what you’re looking for. Concocting strong beauty remedies derived from ayurvedic practices and modern botanicals alike, Neemli seeks to hone a long term approach to beauty. The cruelty-free labels products are rich in organic ingredients like activated charcoal, sea buckthorn, and essential oils that cater to all skin types. Start from scratch with the brand’s customized skincare combos or add an effective twist with their reliable serums.

View their products here.

III. Pahadi Local

Echoing a ‘beauty meets simplicity’ sentiment, Pahadi Local products instantly transport you to lush deodar forests and the crisp Himalayan air that does wonders to our well being with every spray and dollop of product used.

Striving to provide its customers with a ‘hills-to-home’ beauty solution, here’s a brand supporting the local ecosystem, employing indigenous people, and offering you a conscious skincare experience to revel in. Combining natural ingredients derived from the Himalayas with slow beauty practices, Pahadi Local’s range of products inculcates mindfulness in our fast-paced living routines.

Green tea face scrubs, anti-inflammatory face mists, multipurpose oils, and anti-acne face washes are a few top-notch products to try out.

View their products here.

IV. Juicy Chemistry

What started off as careful questioning of so-called ‘organic products’ turned into a transformation of the beauty and skincare sector. Founders Pritesh and Meghna Asher stumbled upon the dark side of the organic beauty sector when they stumbled across the ingredients list on organic beauty products available at their local store which included harmful parabens, minerals, and synthetic colours.

A noble aim of upturning the organic beauty industry gave birth to Juicy Chemistry, a brand that solves all your beauty concerns through nature. From sourcing natural ingredients to trying and testing out formulations, practices, and products — you’re getting short of genuine organic goodness at this label.

A closer look at their website allows you to shop according to your skin concerns and achieve brighter and healthier skin efficiently.

View their products here.

V. RAS Luxury Oils

RAS which translates to ‘essence’ or ‘happiness’ in Sanskrit, operates on the farm to face skincare motto that combines nature’s well-kept secrets with the goodness of aromatherapy. Who says organic beauty has to be boring? The label’s luxury range of lip tints, butter balms, and elixir serums prove to be way more glamorous than your average Sephora products. Give them a try!

View their products here.

Image credits: (L)Juicy Chemistry; (R) Madhuri, Ras luxury oils

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