Unwind At This Charming Women-Run Coffee Estate In Karnataka

Unwind At This Charming Women-Run Coffee Estate In Karnataka
Image Courtesy: Halli Berri

As India progresses towards becoming a developing nation, urbanization has taken root in many remote areas. Small towns and villages are getting industrialised in the name of modernization. Development also means that forest areas are reducing every year and entire ecosystems are vanishing. In an attempt to preserve natural land, many land owners are turning their property into guest houses and bed-and-breakfasts.

A special one among them is Halli Berri. The name comes from ‘Halli’ which’ in the local Kannada language means ‘village’ and also from Kambihalli, the coffee estate that produces the berry. Kambihalli Estate has been growing coffee in the Bababudan mountains of Chikmagalur district since 1948 and is now a 4th generation, all-woman-owned venture. It belongs to the family of Nalima Kariyappa and her daughters – Anusha, Tejini and Manavi. Their age-old practice of growing coffee in a sustainable way is still followed today, with improvements that have further minimized their impact on the environment.

Halli Berri’s farming is Rain Forest Alliance Certified and is also ranked #9 in Biodiversity Hotspots by UNESCO. They offer getaway experiences in their luxurious cottages engulfed in nature and decorated with a blend of English country, Japanese Zen and Atthingudhi tradition. Their dining service, Marie’s Delectable Kitchen offers a farm-to-table experience that combines their Coorg heritage with more than a dollop of southern splendour.

Hidden deep into the lush Western Ghats, it’s the perfect retreat for an escape. You can take long walks in the forest, lend a hand in planting fresh bushes, take a tour of the estate, shop honeydew-flavoured coffee and farm fresh jams, indulge in an outdoor shower, interact with the fauna of more than 86 species of birds and 36 species of endemic butterflies, or just simply relax and take in the serenity! Halli Berri is a quintessential destination for seekers of solitude or adventure in a pristine natural habitat.

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