A Homegrown Guide To Singapore's Kampong Gelam District

(L) Blu Jaz ; (R) % Arabica
(L) Blu Jaz ; (R) % Arabica

Kampong Gelam is a living and breathing cultural hub where one can discover the spirit of Singapore's Arab Quarter. Wander through the heart of the district, Arab Street, lined with shops overflowing with colourful fabrics, fragrant spices, and intricate handicrafts. This district in Singapore is famous for a mixture of Malay and Arab influences, evident in its architectural gems, bustling markets, and delectable culinary scene.

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Before we see you, here's everything you need to know about the most popular spots in Kampong Gelam.


F5 Thrift Shop caters to budget-conscious shoppers with its wide selection of pre-loved clothing, ranging from everyday essentials like t-shirts and jeans to sweatshirts and jackets, all priced between $5 and $25. They even offer a free pile of clothes, allowing you to score unique finds at absolutely no cost.

RV Colosseum, located above F5, caters to a different audience. While their prices are higher ($35 and up) reflecting the rarity of some vintage gems, they offer a curated selection of vintage tees, hoodies, and other items like sweat shirts and windbreakers. This store is ideal for those seeking unique and potentially rare pieces, and they even reward loyal customers with free items exceeding a certain purchase amount.

You can find more about the stores here


Blu Jaz

Surround yourself in the live music scene of Kampong Gelam at Blu Jaz. This established venue boasts a loyal following for a reason, offering a captivating blend of live music, visual arts, and delicious food. They take pride in creating a memorable experience for every guest, aiming to put a "WOW!" on every face. Whether you're swayed by soulful melodies, pulsating beats, or captivating visuals, Blu Jaz is the perfect space for those seeking a dynamic night out.

You can find more about Blue Jaz here

Black Sheep & Co

If craft beers and a lively atmosphere are more your style, then head to Black Sheep & Co. Located on the trendy Haji Lane, this bar offers a wide selection of expertly-crafted beers alongside delicious BBQ dishes. They frequently host events and promotions, ensuring a fun and vibrant experience. Whether you choose to soak in the atmosphere from the outdoor seating or enjoy the cozy interior, Black Sheep & Co provides a perfect spot to relax and unwind with friends.


Sifr Aromatics 

Sifr Aromatics is situated within a charming 19th-century shophouse. This independent perfumery, established by a third-generation perfumer, offers a unique and personalized fragrance experience. They specialize in crafting small-batch perfumes, customized blends tailored to your preferences, and a variety of aromatic delights, including scented soy candles, essential oil blends, and home fragrances. Using only the finest ingredients sourced worldwide, Sifr Aromatics caters to all fragrance desires, ensuring you'll find a scent that truly resonates with you.

You can find more about Sifr Aromatics here


% Arabica

After exploring the vibrant sights and sounds of Arab Street, take a moment to recharge at % Arabica. This modern café, amidst the bustling atmosphere, offers a space for relaxation and a chance to savor a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

% Arabica prides itself on its high-quality Arabica coffee, sourced from around the world. Their knowledgeable baristas can guide you through the different flavor profiles and brewing methods, ensuring you find the perfect cup to suit your taste buds. Whether you prefer a smooth and creamy latte or a bold and invigorating espresso, % Arabica has got you covered.

So, after a day of exploring Kampong Glam, take a seat at % Arabica, savor a delicious cup of coffee, and soak in the energy of Arab Street.

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