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Watch: Stunning Night Timelapse Video On Mumbai's Local Trains

“I like trains. I like their rhythm, and I like the freedom of being suspended between two places, all anxieties of purpose taken care of: for this moment I know where I am going.”  ― Anna Funder

Everyday 6 million Mumbaikars (that’s more than the population of Israel) pull themselves onto one of the most coagulated, congested public transportation networks in the world—Mumbai’s local train system. Everyday, more than 200 trains make over 2000 trips across 300 kms of track. During rush hour, a train arrives every 3 minutes and by 2020, the population of this city is projected to hit 28 million. Does this mean the city’s lifeline is at its fag end?

These are the facts and questions, Ashwin, the maker of this short film, attempts to answer through a series of stunning timelapse footage shot most around charni road area. Using a canon 600D + 18-55mm lens and magic lantern and over 2000 stills shot late in the evening, even in two minutes his video encapsulates the sheer vibrancy of life that resonates through this enchanted city every single day.
You can follow Ashwin on Vimeo  and watch the video below:

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