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Apply Now – India’s First LGBTI Job Fair For Social Inclusion

While it’s safe to say that essential headway has been made with regards to the inclusion of the LGBTI community in India, we still have a long, long way to go. While there is an appalling lack of representation in countless national sectors, what’s worse is that members of the LGBTI community are still subjected to various forms of discrimination. Besides the mental trauma and physical discomfort this bigotry causes, many members of the community have unfortunately not even been given the basic opportunity to earn livelihood with dignity. The intolerance within our socio-economic structure stems from the skewed and toxic prejudice burgeoned over the years. While things do seem bleak, few bold individuals have been taken upon themselves to make things right.

Introducing, RISE - India’s first LGBTI Job Fair taking place on 12 July 2019 in Bangalore. RISE, which stands for, ‘Reimagining Inclusion for Social Equity’, is a daylong conference, job fair and marketplace committed to empower the LGBTI inclusion at the workplace. The daylong conference will consist of introducing the best practices for LGBTI inclusion from hiring, sensitization, career enabling, policies & benefits, etc; essentially everything one needs to know about enabling LGBTI employees to bring their whole self to work and build a magnificent career. The Job Fair on the other hand will have 300 applicants along with 40-50 companies set up their booth and get an opportunity to engage with LGBTI talent. RISE is thus providing opportunity to connect, inspire and guide LGBTI students and professionals.

RISE is organized by Pride Circle, a bold initiative to build a community of passionate and diverse individuals who are committed towards fostering LGBTI Inclusion at workplace. Founded by Srini Ramaswamy and Ramkrishna Sinha, who are award winning diversity and inclusion professionals, “We get all stakeholders together and curate safe space for expression, to celebrate our humanness, to embrace our vulnerability and to collectively make the change.”

By bringing together individual candidates and jobseekers from across the LGBTI spectrum, RISE has definitely set a high bar by being a one of a kind initiative for social change. Additionally, this property will be travelling to 10 cities over the years and actively work with varied organizations during this time. This is a without a doubt a crucial and vital step forward.

If you want to participate in the job fair, you’ve to register and/or send in your resume here. To know more about the event, check out their website or Facebook.

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