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This Indian Brand Is Creating Multi Functional Solutions For Your Interior Design Needs

We are a generation of people whose lives are driven by purpose and problem solving. Even though we attempt to keep our aesthetic on point, we still try to ensure that our life is made every step of the way, through the choices we make. We find ways to make our passions into projects and professions. So when it comes to living spaces, it is not surprising that we are looking to decorate with pieces that are solution based and fit perfectly into our unique lifestyle.

Script by Godrej and Boyce is a home decor brand that represents freedom of living. Appealing to the global taste that we have all come to love these days, the brand creates decor suitable for the challenges and aspirations of contemporary living. With products that are multi functional, the brand gives their customers the opportunity to ‘script’ their spaces and create an ecosystem that is best suited for their life and work, which often blend together. According to Rajat Mathur, the business head for the brand design living is what drives the customers of today and “design living denotes a progressive and optimistic approach to design for everyday activities and interactions within the home.”

Desk Armchair Chair and Storage Unit from Affordable Indian Furniture brand Script
Oasis Desk

The affordable design focused furniture brand has an online shop as well as a store in Bangalore, Delhi and Gurgaon. In addition to creating design-led functional furniture, they also organise events called Script Huddle – a platform that celebrates innovations, be it in design, culture, music, food and such, through meaningful conversations. Their recent session was ‘A Dialogue on Design Living’ that was organised in association with Raw Collaborative.

The event brought together Sandeep Sanguru, the Bamboo Man, Atul Johri, Channapatna’s craft warrior, graphic artist and researcher Sarita Sundar and Jenny Pinto, the founder of Bangalore first handmade paper studio. The idea of design in today’s context and its importance in everyday lives were their topic of conversation. Their idea is to elevate their store from being more than a beautiful exhibit of products, and into a buzzing destination that offers a living experience that are in terms with the brand’s identity.

So if you are looking for an interior brand that creates affordable multi functional furniture that is perfect for Netflix and chilling, or for working from home, give Script a try.

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