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Come Choose Your Pick Of Artisan Crafted Rugs From Jaipur With Love

What could perhaps be known as a primordial tradition; one that ceases to be foregone for over the vast span of 2000 years! The prodigious legacy of textiles have always been strewn across India’s scape. What first blossomed and the inception took flight hidden in the deep interiors of the deserted sandy landscapes of Rajasthan, the coveted land of royalty and a land of murals. Dhurries, synonymously known as flat woven textiles have always held a prominent sense of curio and recognition to one of Rajasthan’s gems – Jaipur, the pink city as you know it. From Jaipur With Love, brings these intricately woven, traditional rugs back to life. Created by skilful artisans, whose expertise has been fostered by generations of their descendants, who are registered professionals and have woven their way into the textile franchise.

Since it’s inception in 2013, what begun as a traveller simply venturing and experiencing the varied joys and the hidden gems that India has to offer – came a story of passion, a passion to work and thread alongside unchartered waters, established by Ireland’s Elisabeth Morrison; a visionary who in turn, was deeply in awe by all of the colour, the tradition in India and the artistic tradition that she already had been exposed to. Which gradually paved the way for her to explore the depths of potential in the artisans whom she encountered through the tenure of her vacation. She then decided to be part of the continuity of the prodigious weaving industry.

From wondrously woven dappled hues of turquoise and blue to ornate, scalloped Moroccan authentic patterns and every well tiered piece that they’ve got in store for you; carefully woven to precision, every bit and process that goes into making has been manually handcrafted for exceptional results. Take a gander at the series of vivid designs only to be languished; each instilling a new well balanced pattern; to adorn the walkways, adding character and charm to the rooms of your abode.

If you do happen to possess an avid love and passion for patterns and yearn to spin up your design, well you just happen to be in luck. From Jaipur With Love lets you bring to life your own creations, so that you cherish your own unique design. Feel more than obliged to embellish and customise your own personal rug with dazzling tassels, jazz it up or strip it down and keep it minimalistic; good news is – it’s your design and it’s all yours for the taking, baby! These delicate pieces of traditional framework of Rajasthan takes a new home at this rug weaving emporium. So if you do happen to love a good ol’ rug as a keepsake or just happen to be an interior aficionado, From Jaipur With Love adds just the right touch to your naked linoleum/wooden/tile clad flooring.

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