#HotDrop: Aromatic South In A Packet With Motherland Chips
Motherland Superstore

#HotDrop: Aromatic South In A Packet With Motherland Chips

Of the many things India has offered to the world, food probably ranks the best. Teeming with flavour and forthcoming with its aroma, Indian food and snacks hit the bulls-eye in terms of satisfaction. From aloo bhujia of the North to banana chips of the South, and thepla of the West to thekua of the East, there’s something for everyone.

A company that leaves no stone unturned in taking pride in homegrown products, Motherland Superstore presents a range of India-inspired products such as tees, tote bags, badges, and much more. Their products drip with Indian tadka which is evident through their design and feel. A hint of pop-culture flavour and a dash of modernity completes the essence of their brand.

Latest in their arsenal is their line of banana and tapioca chips, South Indian style. Striking the balance between pleasant and overpowering, the chips are seasoned with just the right blend of South Indian spices. Among the mouth-watering options are Banana Chips with curry leaves or rock salt, and even ripe banana chips. Not just this, Motherland also recognises people who are not overly fond of banana but crave the same crunch. The Tapioca chips are available in two flavour combinations — mustard and turmeric, and mustard, curry leaves and turmeric. In August 2020, they plan to introduce three new flavours of tapioca chips, and how are just two ever enough? These include chilli, green chilli and chilli with curry leaves.

The chips are made in small batches by a family-run enterprise called A1 Chips. With five decades in the business, they produce gourmet chips and ship it from the south of our country. They began by selling these scrumptious snacks on the streets of Kerala and Coimbatore and later made their way up. With people unable to give these snacks up, they now deliver across The Gulf, the United States, Mauritius and France. Motherland says, “Geared towards culinary innovation, the mission is to work together to develop exclusive flavours and fresh ways of taking what’s old and traditional and serving it up with a modern twist for more globally-minded palates.” Keeping true to this, the snacks are packaged with all their Southern heritage and integrity intact- something that appeals most to customers.

As a homegrown brand, Motherland puts forth efforts to acknowledge and support local businesses. These chips are a step in that very direction. Available on their website and also on Flipkart and Amazon, it’s now easier than ever to experience the taste of the South from right where you are. What more could one ask for?

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