Delhi-Based Pet Taxi Services For Your Furry Friends

Delhi-Based Pet Taxi Services For Your Furry Friends
Source: St.Vital Veterninary Hospital

Life as a pet parent is not all rosy as it may seem. Along with it comes the challenges and responsibilities that are as real and just as chaotic as being a human parent. From regular visits to the vet to spoiling your fur-babies to a much needed day out, travelling with pets for pet owners without a private vehicle, particularly in Indian cities, is an obstacle with no definite solution in near-sight.

Offering a bleak yet promising respite to this is the emerging concept of Pet Taxis. Self-explanatory in its name, the services offered extends to both solo pet ferry services and accommodating pets and their owners as well. The service, which currently covers intra and inter-city travel within Delhi-NCR, Faridabad, and Gurugram, offers pet travel services at nominal charges. Here are a few that we’ve shortlisted so you can get your furry family members to where they need to go safely and quickly!

I. CollarFolk, Delhi NCR

These spacious pet taxis are modified Maruti Eeco Vans that can accommodate even larger breeds with ample space for your pet’s movement. The service offers both hourly and per kilometre packages that come in handy for pet parents who can plan the duration of their outing accordingly.

Contact CollarFolk for further information here.

II. Happy Pettings, Gurugram

Got a stressful workday that you can simply can’t seem to get your way around? Gurugram-based pet boarding service, Happy pettings offers not just transportation facilities for your fur buddies but also run their own pet daycare where your pet can get the undisturbed attention of a skilled team of helpers and pet trainers. Additional services include outstation taxi services in case you plan a quick getaway and want to your furry friend to tag along.

Contact Happy Pettings for further information here.

III. Furry Taxi, Noida

This Noida-based service that began less than a year ago has already become a crowd favourite amongst the pet parents in the city. With taxi services starting at a minimum booking of two hours, Furry Taxi offers a seamless trip for those who like to take their pets along wherever they go.

Contact Furry Taxi for further information here.

Added to being an essential service for private pet owners, pet taxis are also emerging as a resourceful solution especially in times of emergency and distress for injured strays and other pets that require immediate care and attention. Numerous smaller pet taxi agencies have now listed their services on PetBacker, a large scale pet services aggregator.

You can check out their full list of pet taxi services here.

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