Didi Kya Dekhoge Is An Ode To The Charms Of Street Shopping In Old Delhi

Didi Kya Dekhoge Is An Ode To The Charms Of Street Shopping In Old Delhi

There is an undeniable charm and thrill to the concept of good old street shopping. An imminent culture developed around it in the past and it gave retail shopping in India a distinct identity that was hard to ignore. While online shopping picked up pace during the pandemic, we began to lose a sense of what old-school retail therapy truly felt like.

Based out of Delhi’s charming old Chandni Chowk is Chabbra International, a legacy store whose 50-year-old history continues to mesmerise and shape the identity of the contemporary stores that have sprouted up in the vicinity. Since its inception in 1977, the brand has expanded to over 50 countries and continues to offer customers the heritage it has established over the decades.

Didi Kya Dekhoge

As an ode to the evergreen charm of the one-on-one interactions and bargains that often inundate a typical street shopping experience, Chabbra International’s latest collection of bridal wear comes armed with a powerful yet nostalgic narrative woven around it. Using the common phrase ‘Didi Kya Dekhoge?’ (what would you like to see?) as the anchor point to the concept, the creators of the brand have developed visual narratives and catalogue shoots that bring the artistry and skill of its salespeople into the limelight.

Featuring its oldest employees Madhu Ji and Sonu Bhai as the models for the catalogue shoot, Chabbra International has offered a rather interesting twist to the online shopping experience. The aim of this collection was also to put the onus on and give the credit to the salespeople while giving it a tangible feel to a typical shopping experience at Chandni Chowk.

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