#HGStreet: How Banna Sprays Is Aiming To Kickstart A Graffiti Renaissance In India

#HGStreet: How Banna Sprays Is Aiming To Kickstart A Graffiti Renaissance In India
Banna Sprays

Gone are the days when Indian graffiti artists had to rely on limited options or even import paints. 

Banna Sprays, a Bengaluru-based company, is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the Indian spray paint market. Their focus? High-quality spray paints catering to the diverse needs of artists, industrial professionals, and car enthusiasts alike. 

Banna Sprays is a passionate advocate for creativity and a catalyst for India's burgeoning street art scene. Banna Sprays understands the unique requirements of this art form. Their paints are formulated for spirited colours, exceptional coverage, and quick drying times — perfect for creating bold, expressive murals.  

More importantly, Banna Sprays fosters a sense of community.  They actively engage with graffiti artists, listening to their ideas and suggestions.  his collaborative approach is a breath of fresh air,  uniting artists and fostering a platform for them to showcase their talent and creativity.  The ability to create custom shades adds another layer of  excitement, allowing artists to seamlessly translate their signature styles  from smaller works to grand, sprawling murals. This accessibility, coupled with competitive pricing, is making spray paint art more approachable  than ever before, bringing a wave of color to Indian streets.

They envision a world where a single can of paint becomes a problem-solving tool for professionals. Imagine a paint that dries in minutes, adheres flawlessly to an array  of surfaces – wood, concrete, even rubber – and boasts unparalleled color vibrancy. This is the vision Banna Sprays has brought to life. Superior UV  protection and mold resistance add further value, ensuring a long-lasting  finish. But their commitment to quality doesn't stop there. 

Banna Sprays prioritises environmental responsibility. Their cutting-edge, easy-to-hold cans are crafted from tin-free steel and coated  with a special polyester polymer. This innovative approach reduces the  carbon footprint of their products by a staggering 50%. They also eliminate CFCs, further demonstrating their dedication to a greener future.

This translates to projects completed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional paints (think minutes instead of hours).  The implications are significant — increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and significant cost savings. Furthermore, Banna Sprays boast a remarkable 12-month shelf life, meaning your paint stays fresh and ready to use whenever inspiration strikes.

Recognizing the growing demand for online shopping, Banna Sprays has  launched a user-friendly online store. Here, artists, industrial  professionals, and car enthusiasts alike can browse and purchase hundreds of spray paints, categorised for graffiti, automotive, and industrial use. 

Check out their sprays here.

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