A Home Decor Label Embracing Authenticity Through Crafted Imperfection

Kara Sabi, is inspired Japanese concept 'Wabi Sabi'.
Kara Sabi, is inspired Japanese concept 'Wabi Sabi'.Kara Sabi

Our homes are havens of comfort and joy, these spaces are governed by the very items we use to adorn them. Oftentimes mass-produced items tend to dominate the interiors and turn our places of refuge into cluttered spaces of noise. On the contrary a single item produced using slow practices can bring back life into mundane corners. Taking this idea forward, artist Kritika Soni is changing the narrative around art as she moulds the unique story of a home into these handcrafted designs. 

The entire philosophy of her label, 'Kara Sabi', is inspired by a Japanese concept called 'Wabi Sabi', which essentially means finding beauty in the imperfect. The unpretentious approach seeks to dismantle our obsession with perfection and instead embrace the authenticity provided by handmade products. Kritika holds onto rustic aesthetics that are inspired by the unkempt side of nature. She utilises the designs in our environment and translates their distinct patterns using clay; creating unstructured ceramic art capturing unique sensibilities. 

The former textile artist believes that the items in our homes should remind us of all the years and experiences we have lived. Using homes as a canvas to capture the distinct characters and quirks of each individual. The sustainable approach also lets go of any damaging materials and rather incorporates earthy textures to produce conscious products. The entire process revolving around moulding the clay is rooted in ancient practices and combines indigenous knowledge with contemporary design. Her work has been featured in multiple interior magazines and celebrates asymmetry by redefining our notions of beauty. 

You can explore and purchase their work here.

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