Mumbai, Attend A Next-Gen Fashion Show With 10 Homegrown Brands This Weekend


#HGStreet is a two-day festival that is at the intersection of creativity, music, art and design, fashion, film and photography, technology, sneakers and street culture, sports, education, culinary, innovation and more. Offering a one-of-a-kind experience crafted through the interplay of culture, creativity and futurism.

The immersive event will be taking place at a 165 year old warehouse and will see a fashion show inspired from unique motifs around the country. The showcase will dive into the diverse realms of fashion; running the gamut of futuristic fashion, streetwear, custom designs and sustainable fashion. Witness an unmatched level of innovation and change with these homegrown labels.

Date: 18th & 19th March ‘23
Venue: Richardson & Cruddas, Byculla
Tickets: Free entry for under 25 college students on day 1. Head to to book your festival pass now!

I. Blue Print

Blending futuristic silhouettes with utilitarian comfort, Blueprint’s experimental lab is set to introduce you to a world of trance. Their collections highlight gender neutral construction and muted palettes that construct a paradigm of inventive daily wear. 

II. Simran Merwah

Created at the intersection of fashion, art and technology, homegrown label Simran Merwah utilises 3D print to create movement and visual poetry through clothing. By transcending textiles using technology they help break away from conventional wardrobes. 

III. Grandma Would Approve

Providing a makeover to fashion with experimentation and unusual fabrics, Grandma Would Approve is a label that is modernising vintage clothes through deconstruction. Their disruptive approach uses discarded textiles in a more regenerative manner and plays with sensory memory. 

IV. Balav

A young brand that aims to dismantle social structures through fluid clothing, Balav reimagines gendered silhouettes using a more radical approach. The label incorporates a rebellion within their visual narrative with the intention to normalise experimentation. 


Crafting a visual interplay between streetwear aesthetics and indigenous silhouettes, Lead A tends to make designs that are unique in the contemporary fashion world. They incorporate grand structures and challenge symmetry while maintaining the utilitarian aspect of clothing. 

VI. Walking Vertical

A design label that embodies an artistic zeal, Walking Vertical constructs vibrant compositions of movement that break away from the standard mould. While the label experiments with the unusual prints and employs maximalism they still retain both versatility and comfort. 

VII. The Aesthetic Of Resistance

An amalgamation of years of conceptual research, internal honesty and reluctance from conformity, The Aesthetic of Resistance is a label that takes inspiration from protest art. They articulate these messages through their clothing and narrate the tale of many revolutions that took place around the world.  

VIII. Sazo

A brand that draws inspiration from abstract creativity and bizarre compositions, Sazo intends on evoking optimism through prints and fabrics. Representing a unique story that goes behind the making of it, the brand urges people to step out of conformity and embrace experimentation. 

IX. Johargram

Johargram is a streetwear brand that takes inspiration from Jharkhandi textiles and is currently involved in reviving indigenous crafts. Their collections are rooted in sustainable practices that are synonymous with and further revolutionise using traditional motifs.  

X. Two Point Two

A label that is revolutionising fashion through a gender agnostic wardrobe, Two Point Two’s bold take tends to narrate a visual tale of maximalism and grandeur. The themes often borrow from the zeitgeist and take over a trendsetting space. 

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