One Weekend Only: Attend 6 Immersive Visual Art Exhibitions Merging Futurism & Tech

One Weekend Only: Attend 6 Immersive Visual Art Exhibitions Merging Futurism & Tech
(L) Othersoul ; (R) Overture

#HGStreet is a two-day festival that is at the intersection of creativity, music, art and design, fashion, film and photography, technology, sneakers and street culture, sports, education, culinary, innovation, and more happening at the Richardson & Cruddas warehouse in Byculla.

#HGStreet festival is not your typical music festival but an adventurous playground for various disciplines.

The world is changing and evolving with each passing second. With the increasing development of technology and rapid evolution in the field of arts, there is this beautiful world at the intersection of art and technology. This interdisciplinary field is merging the arts, design, technology, engineering, and humanities to produce a great variety of possibilities that are further redefining the scope of art. Come, witness this futurist world for yourself this month at the HGStreet Festival.

I. OVERTURE by thebigfatminimalist X aaronmylespereira :

This 14-minute piece by Aniruddh Mehta & Aaron Myles Pereira combines a sci-fi abstraction of flashing lights, geometric forms, organic topologies & textures which come together to create a dynamic & ever-evolving visual landscape. It is accompanied by an original soundtrack that further adds depth and emotional resonance to the visuals.

II. OTHERSOUL by & kaosfuturemusic :

‘Othersoul’ is an audio-visual realization of Rohan & Akanksha’s techno-romantic vision. A kiss at the intersection of art & technology embodied through experiments in sounds and textures.


Experience a detailed fantasy world with classical Indian music & dance, historic artifacts, and mythology with a modern techno-spiritual, steampunk twist.

Much like these visual exhibits where the world of art and technology interweave, Homegrown lies at the intersection of South Asian identity and creativity. The #HGStreet festival is a platform for exchanges of ideas, and diverse perspectives matched with the exuberance of next-generation talent. Everybody is welcome — it’s a space for all ages, perspectives, and interests.

Apart from these three visual projects, the multi-format festival will also have other visual exhibits as well along with 40+ next-gen music acts, conversation panels, sneakers, global streetwear marketplaces, workshops, masterclasses, and food and drink pop-ups.

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