The Art Of Protest: Tushar Madaan’s Art Challenges The Status Quo

Image Credits: Tushar Madaan
Image Credits: Tushar Madaan

Art can be a form of self-expression for many, but for some, it is a way to challenge the status quo. Throughout history, art has been used as a way to question the government or existed in an attempt to reflect the chaos in society. Especially in a society where the lines of reality and dystopia are blurring, art functions as a form of political statement when all else fails.

Tushar Madaan, a 28-year-old digital illustrator from New Delhi knows this better than anyone else. His latest, Rainbow Series reflects on the everyday realities of modern India. “My series is basically based on social issues around me. I make digital illustrations on these issues with a pinch of satire in it. So, this series belongs to those people who don’t engage in stereotypes, sexism, caste politics or an orthodox mentality.” His art deals with topics like media trials, climate change, poverty, racism and monotony.

Since the personal is political, his art stems from a place of personal politics that governs his reality. “My biggest inspiration is my own circumstances” declares Tushaar who didn’t grow up in the best financial or economic situation. “I was poor and had to deal with a lot of things when I was growing up. I have seen people with greed and anger. Double-faced people with money who made me believe money is everything, the world revolves around it and if you don’t have enough you can’t compete. I realised there was more to life and became inclined towards art.”

Since his art confronts one with difficult questions, he feels, “at times people get offended cause some topics are uncomfortable to talk about in public.” Art has the ability to challenge our preconceptions and open us to a new perspective and Madaan’s Rainbow Series does exactly that.

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