A Homegrown Brand Is Using Apple Skin & Cactus Leather To Make Sustainable Handbags

A Homegrown Brand Is Using Apple Skin & Cactus Leather To Make Sustainable Handbags

International label Stella McCarteny took the world of fashion by storm when she introduced us to her innovative vegan leather handbags. While the industry was still struggling to fill the sustainability gap with unhelpful solutions such as PVC leather, which ultimately lead to more harm than good, the exploration of fruit-based leather transformed luxury. Bringing the same philosophy home, Anjana Arjun is a young designer who creates handcrafted sustainable bags. 

Her brand, Sarjaa utilises natural plant remains such as the skin of an apple, pineapple, and cactus leather with the sole aim of providing a sustainable alternative and a viable option for products that have traditionally polluted the planet. The fruit-based leather made out of upcycled waste material from the food industries is part of the recycle and reuse philosophy. In the process they also refrain from using chemicals, phthalates, animal leather, and other toxic ingredients, and instead try to include as much natural goodness as possible. 

Mindful of their environmental impact at each step of the production process, their handbags are created in small batches by a close-knit team that believes in zero wastage. Collaborative in her approach, Anjana has invested copious amounts of time adding finesse to the product; with ample research and development alongside creatives. As a result the team crafted a successful line after two years in making. 

Sarjaa holds onto its Indian roots by incorporating traditional sensibilities in their aesthetics. Inside the bags, they make use of prints created by local henna artists; narrating the history of Indian artistry. Furthermore, each of the bags have their own unique names, across a variety of regional languages from across the country. Their minimalistic design with a vivacious blend of colour, texture, and style sets them apart from any other creations in the Indian market. 

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