A South Asian Creative Reimagining Mughal Miniature Art Through Tattoos

Iman Sara
Iman SaraIman Sara

The rich history of ink traditions in South Asia is a testament to our close ties with body art and adornment. These physical designs act as a treasure trove of ancient cultural traditions and serve as markers of identity and belonging for many. At present many young creatives are adopting this art form to explore traditional forms of ink artistry. While many are learning the hand poke techniques, others are reinterpreting ancient art through a modern outlook. 

Iman Sara is a tattoo artist based in London and Lahore who experiments with the art form by inculcating designs from Mughal miniature paintings. The self taught artist first started learning the art form during the 2020 lockdown and has ever since built a strong portfolio of creations that are one of a kind. As a graduate of the Miniature Department at the National College of Arts (NCA), she used her fine art expertise to excel in the body art industry.

Tattooing miniature Mughal paintings on bodies was totally unheard of before Iman took it up. The rich traditions, intricate work and ethos of Mughal art remain unmatched and their importance in South Asia’s culture continues to be strong. These paintings also tend to have strong religious influences from India. Within her work, Iman often provides a modern makeover to these designs by juxtaposing them with contemporary motifs; creating designs for young South Asians who are more globalized than ever before and yet, still want to remain rooted in their indigenous traditions.

You can explore her work here

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