Dive Into A Photoseries Emphatically Rejecting Generalisations Of South Asian Identity

Two Odd
Two OddTwo Odd

The widely pedalled homogenous view of South Asian identity often fails to capture a truly diverse community that harbours many distinct cultures. South Asians are grouped together in the western world, which dilutes these idiosyncratic differences and each person’s unique journey. While representation as a concept is sensitive and subjective, due to the rise of 'cross-culturalism', access to unlimited information at our fingertips, and unfiltered media, it is no longer restricted to exclusively geographical contexts. 

Questioning the existence of norms that are derived from stereotypes, Two Odd is bringing together eight individuals to highlight their varying perspectives. These portraits aim to show the versatility of different South Asians and their views. Including personal testimonies that talk about their evolving approach toward the concept of their individualistic and cultural representation. 

The visual language of the article reclaims a form of self-expression; it strives to translate their true meanings and ideas of representation through outfits, makeup, and body language.  The eight individuals featured are Usman Bin Latif, Pia Nandita Ahmed, Anahita Sadighi, Florina Vyas, Aadil Kumar, Aathirai Teresia Valentine, Anuka Pokharel along with the co-founder of Two Odd, Akshita Garud. 

You can find the article here.

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