How Indian Brands Are Creating Representation For South Asian Identities

How Indian Brands Are Creating  Representation For South Asian Identities

A recent survey found that Gen-Z and Millennials are the most entrepreneurial-minded generations to date, with 52% expressing interest in starting their own venture one day. The number of businesses owned by young people has exponentially increased and this rise mixed with contemporary ideas of inclusivity and diversity are creating some of the most experimental brands. This is especially evident when you look a the rise of beauty ventures crafted specifically for South Asian women keeping in mind their aesthetic preferences and skin tones.

The struggle to find the right shades are well known to brown-skinned individuals around the world. Additionally, for Indians, the climate plays a huge part in the makeup choices we make.

To help you make the right choice, here are some homegrown Indian beauty brands paving the way for explorative design and conscious formulas.

Image Courtesy: Gush Beauty

I. Gush Beauty:

An innovative brand offering a versatile range of products, Gush wants to reimagine our beauty rituals with ‘fun, functional and fuss-free makeup’. Their one single stack of face palette replaces four separate products and has a lightweight formula. Acne is a recurring skin issue for most Indian girls caused due to weather conditions and pollution. Their hydrocolloid pimple patches available in quirky designs offer a viable solution while remaining playful.

In a sea of toxic makeup laced with animal byproducts and hormone disruptors, Gush strives to be a clean beauty brand that produces cruelty-free and vegan products. Their website shares and elaborates on this with a list of natural products such as moringa and avocado oil, shea butter, and super berries.

View their products here.

Image Courtesy: Fae Beauty

II. Fae Beauty:

Conceptualised to create beauty products for everyone, Fae diverges from propagating any unrealistic beauty standards. Geared at bringing consumers something ‘authentic, real and unfiltered’, the brand refuses to edit any of their images; ditching photoshop tricks to celebrate untamed Indian beauty.

Their range of products are formulated to work in warm climates while offering a shade range that centres on Indian skin tones to achieve fantastic colour pay-offs. The wide variety of products includes skincare classics as well as eclectic makeup lines; creating quality products while prioritising the user and their needs. The brand’s focus rests on making beauty an inclusive space for all.

View their products here.

Image Courtesy: Type Beauty

Type Beauty:

This is a brand that conducts skincare quizzes to find the ideal products for your ‘type’ and to create a routine curated with products best suited to individuals. Their quiz zeros in on pre-existing skin conditions and selects the best-suited products based on the choice of a customer’s previous brands.

Their mission is to introduce our skin to the ‘beauty of science’; crafting clean formulas with high-performance ingredients mindfully selected by experts. Rooted in dermatological science, they offer healing that helps our skin breathe. The brand also makes sure they consider issues such as acne and ageing to suggest additional products.

View their products here.

It’s time to invest in brands that honour individual beauty and create collections catering to South Asian skin tones. We can make a positive difference by embracing conscious choices with ethical homegrown beauty brands.

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