Attend A Mumbai Art Exhibit Exploring The Animalistic Urge To Protect What's 'Ours'

MacaqophonyGargi Chandola

“We are in a constant struggle over territory and resources.”

At an exhibition showcasing intricate, traditional Indian miniature art forms in order to explore dominance in society, Gargi Chandola, a self-trained visual artist offers an important and provocative commentary on individual and collective behaviour, highlighting their outcomes.

Each of the sixteen artworks under 'Macaqophony' features an anonymous, unclothed woman as the central character. She collects, vies for, eats, or protects her most precious resource: the banana. This storyline intertwines with that of a monkey who seems to have similar goals. Though this show feels set in humanities early eras, the interactions between the two stirs an oddly familiar emotion, a jarring relatability.

The unique details of each piece stay true to the essence of Indian miniature. It requires a sense of patient observance, that will help one truly and wholly appreciate the art. In this series, Gargi delves into the human notions of territory, power and the isolation of mind. The monkeys ostensibly mimic human behaviour or vice versa. 

The exhibit is taking place at Method Kala Ghoda from 18th February to 12th March, find more about the display here

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