'Ain't Like Me': Ranj x Clifr's New Single Is An Ode To Classic RnB & Tamil Cinema

'Ain't Like Me': Ranj x Clifr's New Single Is An Ode To Classic RnB & Tamil Cinema
Ranj x Clifr

carnatic musciSouth Indian music duo Ranj x Clifr are back with a new single, Ain't Like Me, a track that blends nostalgia with a contemporary twist. After experimenting in 2022, they've returned to their melodic R&B roots, offering a song that's both catchy and introspective.

The song opens with a playful sample from a classic Tamil film scene, hinting at the blurred lines between love and obsession that Ain't Like Me explores. Ranj's vocals take center stage, clean and polished with layered harmonies reminiscent of classic R&B girl groups – a sound that's enjoying a well-deserved resurgence.

Clifr's production is the perfect complement to Ranj's voice. He crafts a soundscape that pays homage to the golden era of R&B while adding a unique Ranj & Clifr twist. The instrumental is built for repeat listens – short and sweet, perfect for streaming playlists, but with a chorus so addictive you'll want to hit replay immediately. This isn't just a love song, though. Ain't Like Me feels like self-talk, a conversation with yourself as you navigate the often-illogical territory of love. The song explores the lengths we go to, the ways we change ourselves, in pursuit of a connection.

Ranj & Clifr are a Bangalore-based duo with a deep appreciation for music. Their journey began in mid-2021 as part of the fusion band Kelvikkuri. When the pandemic hit, they transitioned into a successful collaborative effort, leveraging their individual strengths.

RANJ, originally from Chennai, brings a powerful vocal presence. Her background in Carnatic music, a traditional Indian classical form, combined with over four years of opera training, gives her a unique and versatile voice. She effortlessly blends these influences with contemporary pop melodies, creating music that honors her heritage while appealing to a global audience.

Clifr, the multi-talented producer and multi-instrumentalist who resides in Bangalore, is the other half of the duo. He's a key figure at Export Quality Records and has collaborated with a variety of artists. His production style is innovative, resulting in a fresh sound that keeps listeners engaged.

With Ain't Like Me, Ranj x Clifr have delivered a song that's both nostalgic and fresh. Their fusion of cultural influences, musical expertise, and innovative production techniques makes them a force to be reckoned with in the contemporary music scene. Ain't Like Me is a strong showing, leaving listeners eager to hear what this exciting duo has in store for the future.

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