Blowing Sage: Mumbai-Based Artist Shama Burns Away The Past With Her Empowering Debut EP

Blowing Sage
Blowing SageShama

A rising star, Shama, unveils her debut EP, Blowing Sage, a potent blend of soulful vocals, genre-bending rhythms, and a lyrical tapestry woven with the threads of post-breakup clarity. This self-produced offering, crafted on the digital canvas of Logic, marks a significant stride in the young artist's journey, showcasing not just her vocal prowess but also her burgeoning production skills.

Shama's musical lineage is evident in her sound. Icons like Erykah Badu, Summer Walker, Jazmine Sullivan, and SZA resonate through her music. Tracks like E D R and 4U hint at the emotional excavation that fuels the EP. Here, Shama confronts the aftermath of a relationship with unflinching honesty. Her lyrics, both bold and beautifully harmonized, paint a picture of harsh truths softened by the gentle caress of chill pop/R&B beats. This sonic juxtaposition is a masterstroke, creating a soundscape where vulnerability and strength coexist.

The production on Blowing Sage is a testament to Shama's collaborative spirit. Notable names like Bulli Bainbridge (aka Zain Calcuttawala) and Siddharth Talwar lend their expertise to the mix and mastering, solidifying the EP's sonic foundation.

Shama's debut single, 42.8 % V / V (released in 2022), hinted at her penchant for Afro-pop, while her 2023 offering, Bihoelar, showcased her burgeoning versatility. Blowing Sage builds upon these foundations, showcasing a more cohesive and self-assured artist. The EP transcends the limitations of genre, offering a sonic experience that is as unique as Shama herself.

More than just lamenting a lost love, Blowing Sage is a sonic ritual of cleansing. The title itself evokes the age-old practice of burning sage to dispel negativity. Through her music, Shama invites listeners to join her on a journey of letting go, of purging the remnants of a relationship that no longer serves them.

Shama's Blowing Sage is a potent debut that promises a bright future for the young artist. It's a declaration of self-worth, a testament to the transformative power of music, and a sonic exploration that defies categorization. This is not just another break-up album; it's a powerful statement from an artist who refuses to be defined by the past. With the EP, Shama ascends, ready to redefine the landscape of R&B music, one genre-bending track at a time.

Listen to the EP below.