DEE EN's ‘Saturn Return’ Is A Post-Pandemic Exploration Of Growth & Artistic Evolution

DEE EN's ‘Saturn Return’ Is A Post-Pandemic Exploration Of Growth & Artistic Evolution

DEE EN's sound, a swirling vortex of lo-fi haze and psychedelic dreamscapes, established them as a band unafraid to push boundaries.

They set up a momentum with tracks like Rolling the Groove and Smooth as You Like which brims with infectious energy where one can lose oneself in the music. Their follow-up, Poppin was a synth-soaked love letter to the 80s which DEE EN infused with a timeless quality.

This record also marked a significant step in their visual identity. Collaborations with multimedia artists birthed a aesthetic – a potent blend of evocative lighting and resonant tones that are an overarching theme over all individual songs, which creates a complete sensory experience, both in music videos and during their live shows. This momentum, which was briefly halted due to the pandemic and has now returned in the form of a new EP.

The result is Saturn Return. The EP's title itself holds weight. In astrology, a Saturn Return refers to the planet's 29.5-year orbit around the sun, often coinciding with major life milestones and periods of self-reflection. DEE EN's new EP echoes this theme flawlessly. While the joy and hazy melancholy of their early work remain, they are seasoned with the wisdom of experience. This new sound direction reflects a more evolved and authentic self with layers of complexity, contradictions, and ultimately, a radiant warmth.

The EP pulsates with the energy of bold collaborations and a willingness to experiment. DEE EN's music has always been a bridge between genres, eras, and even art forms. Saturn Return just takes this a step further, transforming these liminal spaces into fully-realised worlds, celestial and complete.

You can stream Saturn Return on 26th May, 2024.