Listen To A New Psytrance EP & Help Fund A Specially-Abled Girls Hostel In Meghalaya

Art is Prayer
Art is Prayer Bandcamp

Kamakhya Records, a not-for-profit record label based in Jorhat, Assam, has marked its seventh anniversary with the release of Art is Prayer, a mesmerizing 5-track EP by the talented artist Haavi. However, this musical endeavor is not just about celebrating milestones but carries a deeper purpose in supporting the construction of a Girls Hostel at the Society for Health and Education Development (SHED) in Assam.

SHED is a notable not-for-profit residential school providing education and care to specially-abled children hailing from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The funds generated from the Bandcamp sales of Art is Prayer will contribute to the construction of the Girls Hostel at SHED, a project sustained by generous contributions from well-wishers across India and beyond.

Kamakhya Records, established in 2017, is not merely a record label; it is a philanthropic endeavor committed to making a positive impact. The label directs all its proceeds to a village school in Meghalaya; emphasizing the transformative power of music in supporting education and development.

Since January 2023, Kamakhya Records has extended its support to SHED and the Lynti Khasi School, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to the betterment of educational facilities for those in need. The collaboration with SHED aligns seamlessly with the label's overarching mission to harness the potential of art, specifically music, to bring about positive change in communities.

Art is Prayer is not just an EP; it's a musical journey that transcends boundaries, connecting listeners to a cause that goes beyond entertainment. The infusion of psychedelic elements in Haavi's music adds a unique dimension to the project, creating an immersive experience for audiences. The use of psychedelic music for charitable endeavors is a noteworthy trend and demonstrates how art can be a powerful tool for social impact. The collaboration between Kamakhya Records and SHED exemplifies the ability of the arts, particularly music, to raise awareness and generate resources for causes that matter.

In a world where music often serves as a form of escapism, Art is Prayer invites listeners to engage with a purpose larger than themselves. By purchasing the EP, music enthusiasts not only gain access to a captivating auditory experience but also contribute to the creation of a nurturing environment for specially-abled children at SHED. As Kamakhya Records celebrates its seven-year journey, Art is Prayer stands as a testament to the label's commitment to using psychedelic music as a force for good; fostering positive change one track at a time.

Listen to the EP below and follow Kamakhya Records here.

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