Mattress BF's Debut Electronic Punk EP Is A Raucous Exploration Of Disillusionment

Mattress BF's Debut Electronic Punk EP Is A Raucous Exploration Of Disillusionment
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Hailing from Shantiniketan, West Bengal, the noise-punk duo Mattress Boyfriend has stormed onto the scene with their debut EP, 'clean virgin family'. This audacious release, distributed by the avant-garde label dhooooooomketu, showcases the dynamic talents of bassist and vocalist Slowani Mishra and guitarist, drummer, and electronic maven FleshEatingTurtles. Together, they craft a sonic landscape that is as provocative as it is electrifying.

clean virgin family delves into the nuanced theme of 'family values' within the Indian cultural context, offering a critical reflection on how these values can become distorted and oppressive. The EP paints a visceral portrait of the human struggle to find meaning in a chaotic world, ultimately suggesting that there is no grand scheme — only a descent into existential turmoil.

The 10-track EP kicks off with a cacophony of roaring vocal samples, electronic beats, and distorted guitar riffs that set the tone for the title track, 'clean virgin family'. This opener is a maelstrom of heavy percussion and raw noise, capturing the listener's attention with its unrelenting energy. As the album progresses, the intensity only escalates, with 'CultSex' standing out as a frenetic explosion of sound that pushes the boundaries of conventional punk music.

In the latter half of the EP, mattress bf's vocal and instrumental prowess come to the fore. Tracks like iwannadie, Livesong, and pick me up i'm scared embody the raw, unfiltered essence of punk. These songs blend avant-garde noise with punk's rebellious spirit, resulting in a visceral exploration of sound and emotion. The track chimp warfare channels the chaotic energy of a primal struggle, while iwannadie contrasts this with a haunting, almost lethargic despair that is quintessentially punk in its emotional honesty.

What sets clean virgin family apart is its ability to balance the rawness of live performance with the precision of studio recording. The EP captures the immediacy and intensity of a live punk show, while also showcasing the duo's meticulous attention to detail. This is particularly evident in tracks like Buh-bye Baby and CultSex, where lo-fi punk aesthetics are seamlessly integrated with electronic elements, creating a fresh and innovative soundscape. The result is a thrilling hybrid of noise and electronic body music (EBM) that is both challenging and deeply satisfying.

Released last month, clean virgin family marks a significant entry into the world of homegrown experimental music. The EP not only solidifies mattress bf's place in the noise-punk genre but also highlights the unique sounds emerging from South Asia. dhooooooomketu, a Mumbai-based label known for its commitment to modern, experimental sounds, has found a perfect match in mattress bf. Together, they are pushing the boundaries of what punk music can be; blending dissonant noise, a punk ethos, and electronic experimentation into a cohesive and compelling package.

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