Mumbai Rapper Krantinaari's New Single 'Roots' Celebrates Heritage and Self-Discovery

Mumbai-based rapper Krantinaari delves into the profound themes of identity and cultural heritage in her latest song, Roots. Released on her birthday, the track is a powerful exploration of self-discovery and the significance of one's background.

Produced by C4GE and featuring soulful vocals and saxophone by singer-songwriter Brecilla, Roots blends folk and West Asian influences with Krantinaari's signature confident yet introspective rap style. The accompanying music video, featuring the rapper alongside Brecilla by a bonfire and intercut with scenes of daily life in India, further emphasizes the song's message.

Krantinaari, or Ashwini Hiremath, goes beyond portraying culture as a collection of traditions. In a statement, she describes it as "a precious parcel of time, a spine that guides us through the ages." Roots encourages listeners to acknowledge their heritage and understand how it shapes who they are. The song also highlights the importance of embracing diverse perspectives, emphasizing that "each voice, each perspective adds a new layer to our story, enriching the tapestry of our lives."

Roots marks Krantinaari's first release of 2024 and follows her acclaimed single Anushasan. In just a few short years, she has established herself as a rising star in the Indian hip-hop scene, performing at prestigious international festivals and collaborating with renowned artists. With Roots, Krantinaari continues to push boundaries and use her art to explore personal and social truths.

This introspective journey is not just a personal one for Krantinaari. The rapper is known for her socially conscious lyrics, and new single is no exception. By linking cultural identity to freedom of expression, she underscores the importance of open dialogue and understanding in creating a better world. This message resonates throughout the song, urging listeners to celebrate the complexities and beauty of their existence.

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