Stills from Elsewhere India and a Homegrown article on modern Indian heirloom brands.
This Week In Culture L: Murthovic + Thiruda R: Divyam Mehta

This Week In Culture: ‘Pluto’ By Raveena, Strawberry Punk Gin, & Much More

Welcome to this week's edition of Homegrown's Culture Bulletin! Dive into a recap of the homegrown event, One Night in Toki-O, a glimpse into the soul of Japan. Unwind and make new connections at the refreshing SCHWEPPES Premix Urban Picnic, featuring delicious food, fun games, and perfectly mixed drinks. Explore the concept of 'modern heirlooms' and discover how clothing can become a timeless treasure passed through generations. Get lost in Raveena's genre-bending new single, 'Pluto' — a beautiful exploration of loss and joy wrapped in smooth vocals and introspective lyrics. Buckle up for a musical journey with Peter Cat Recording Co.'s upcoming album 'BETA' — a blend of future stories and classic influences. Taste the rebellion in a glass with Nao Spirits' Punk Gin, a seasonal delight made with fresh strawberries and a touch of defiance. Finally, embark on a digital adventure in Elsewhere in India, a video game set in a future India where you become a guardian of its rich cultural heritage.


Here's What Happened At One Night In Toki-O

One Night in Toki-O blurred the line between the past and present, showcasing the vibrancy of contemporary Japanese culture alongside the enduring charm of tradition. Guests wandered through vinyl record rooms and art studios, sipped cocktails crafted by Rohan Jelkie of Suntory Global Spirits during a mixology workshop, and grooved to the music of Sindhi Curry. The evening even offered a chance to get creative with screen printing and Hanko stamp workshops led by Homework Studio, all while indulging in delectable street food experiences curated to capture the essence of Japan. It was a truly multifaceted window into the soul of this captivating country.

The SCHWEPPES Premix Urban Picnic by HOMEGROWN

Calling all Bangalore residents! Escape the ordinary and join the SCHWEPPES Premix Urban Picnic for a refreshing take on socializing. This June 1st event will be a guestlist affair for 80 lucky attendees. Enjoy effortless enjoyment and sophisticated flavours with Schweppes' new Gin & Tonic and Mojito premix drinks straight from the can. Grab a can or indulge in pre-made slushies of these flavours. But it's not just about drinks! Munch on mini burgers, bruschetta, and other picnic-perfect bites while playing backyard games like corn hole and ring toss. Capture the moment at a fun, branded picnic photo op area, or mingle with friends in front of a designated photo wall. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unwind, make new connections, and experience the art of socializing in a new way!


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Heirlooms represent a tangible link between past, present, and future, reminding us of our roots. Here's a list of brands championing the longevity of clothing.L: Divyam Mehta R: Anita Dongre

Modern Homegrown Heirloom Brands

Heirlooms aren't just jewelry; special clothing pieces can carry memories and traditions through generations. These timeless garments, chosen for quality and craftsmanship, become symbols connecting us to our past and shaping our future. This article explores brands that are reviving the idea of "modern heirlooms," creating clothing meant to be treasured and passed down.

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Raveena Aurora

Pluto By Raveena Aurora

Raveena's latest single, Pluto, is a genre-bending exploration of loss and joy. This introspective alt-soul track showcases her smooth vocals and jazz influences, creating a weightless soundscape reminiscent of childhood. Inspired by euphoric pop and classic R&B, the song weaves a bittersweet tapestry through its joyful melody and introspective lyrics. The accompanying music video, with its surreal visuals inspired by 80s and 90s icons, further cements Pluto as a standout release that resonates on both personal and universal levels.

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Peter Cat Recording Co.

People Never Change By Peter Cat Recording Co

Delhi's genre-bending band Peter Cat Recording Co. is back with a new single, People Never Change, teasing their upcoming album BETA. This thematically rich and musically diverse album promises a unique blend of future stories narrated from a past perspective. BETA, due out August 9th, 2024, follows their tradition of creating dreamlike soundscapes, merging indie, bossa nova, jazz, and psychedelic influences. The band is celebrating the release with a global tour, Good Luck Beta ’24, kicking off in August and including a special homecoming leg in India.

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Greater Than

Punk Gin By Nao Spirits

Forget sugary pink gins! Nao Spirits throws a punch with their new Punk Gin, a seasonal, limited-edition gin made with fresh, handpicked strawberries from India's strawberry capital. This rebellious gin ditches artificial flavors for real ingredients, soaking the berries in classic London Dry Gin for a stunning pink hue. A touch of hibiscus adds brightness, resulting in a gin bursting with fresh strawberry, zesty lemon, and a satisfying peppery finish. Enjoy Punk Gin chilled, with tonic water, a fresh strawberry, and a sprig of basil or rosemary for a taste of the real pink gin revolution.

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Murthovic + Thiruda

Elsewhere In India By Antariksha Studio

This video game is set in a sprawling 2079 AD. It's a post-cyberpunk India where remnants of a rich cultural past are scattered and fading. You play as Meenakshi, a special 'cultural cyborg' tasked with recovering these lost treasures. Explore a world where ancient temples stand amidst futuristic skylines, piecing together India's heritage through recovered artifacts. The experience is further enriched by a unique soundtrack – a blend of traditional Carnatic music and modern electronic beats – creating a world where past and future collide.

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