Raveena's Latest Single Is A Melodic Ode to Childhood & Healing

Raveena Aurora, widely known as Raveena, has always used music as a medium to transcend the limitations of her daily life. From a young age, the queer Indian American artist found solace and expression in music, often singing in the bathroom for hours on end. This passion led her to pursue a professional music career at just 11 years old, a decision she recalls with unwavering certainty. Despite initial hesitations from her parents about her career choice, Raveena's family has always supported her musical endeavors. Her father, in particular, was interested in Indian instruments like the harmonium and tabla, which were always present in their home. This musical environment, combined with influences from Bollywood, jazz, and R&B, shaped Raveena's unique sound.

Raveena's music today reflects a blend of these diverse influences, creating a soft, sweet style that defies traditional genres. She intentionally incorporates feminine and maternal energy into her work, challenging societal perceptions of softness and vulnerability as weaknesses. For Raveena, embracing this energy is about reclaiming her power and staying true to her femininity, especially after experiencing abuse and assault that aimed to undermine her.

Her latest single, Pluto, marks a significant addition to her discography. Known for her soul-stirring music, Raveena's 2022 album Asha’s Awakening was acclaimed as one of the year's best releases. Since then, she has been quietly refining her craft, and Pluto is the remarkable outcome of this period of introspection. The track is a beautiful piece of alt-soul that floats in zero gravity, showcasing her jazz influences and the flexibility of her dulcet vocals.

In a heartfelt note, Raveena describes Pluto as a song about loss intertwined with joy. "This record is so inner child for me. It’s a song about loss, but woven into the most joyful soundbed," she explains. Creating the song brought back memories of listening to euphoric pop songs on her walkman, dancing around the yard, or gazing out the window during long drives as a ten-year-old. She aims to recapture the sweetness of the early 2000s and 90s, blending classic R&B with unique instruments like the swarmandal and electric sitar.

The music video for the track adds another layer of surrealism to the single. Created with VFX imagery by Danish artist Ida Lissner, the video pays homage to iconic 80s and 90s visuals, drawing inspiration from Prince’s "I Wish U Heaven" and Faye Wong’s "Sing and Play." This visual artistry complements the song's nostalgic and ethereal qualities, making Pluto a standout release that resonates with both personal and universal themes.

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