The rise of cloud kitchens not only offers a smart way of operating but also provides a platform for home chefs to share their culinary prowess.
The rise of cloud kitchens not only offers a smart way of operating but also provides a platform for home chefs to share their culinary prowess.Ammu, Mint Lounge

How Homegrown Cloud Kitchens & Home Chefs Are Reshaping The Indian Culinary Landscape

Cloud kitchens have revolutionized the gastronomic landscape, blending community, art, and culinary innovation in a seamless digital tapestry. Also known as virtual kitchens or ghost kitchens, these culinary sanctuaries serve as the incubators of flavor, where home chefs and culinary enthusiasts weave their magic to tantalize taste buds across India. Embracing the ethos of convenience and creativity, cloud kitchens operate as the backbone of modern dining, transcending traditional restaurant norms to offer a diverse array of cuisines delivered straight to your doorstep. In this era of bustling lifestyles and digital connectivity, the rise of cloud kitchens not only offers a smart way of operating but also provides a platform for home chefs to share their culinary prowess with discerning food enthusiasts, ensuring that every meal is a celebration of community, culture, and gastronomy.

1. Salt By Flavia

Salt By Flavia
Salt By FlaviaFlavia Lewis

Flavia's culinary journey, rooted in cherished family traditions and a passion for baking, culminates in Salt by Flavia, a haven for dessert lovers. Inspired by her family's deep connection with food and fueled by her early experiences in the kitchen, Flavia crafts delectable treats that evoke memories and comfort. Her signature dessert, the Frankenstein, embodies creativity and innovation, blending chocolate chip cookie base, baked cheesecake, caramel, and sea salt with an Old Monk glaze. From outlandish pizza toppings to DIY noodle nights at home, Flavia's culinary adventures reflect a playful yet profound love for unconventional flavors. After a hiatus and a transformative journey during the pandemic, Salt by Flavia emerged as a testament to Flavia's dedication, creativity, and the enduring power of comfort food.

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2. Little Food Daily

Little Food Daily
Little Food DailyChef Bhakti Mehta

Little Food Daily is a culinary game-changer in Bombay's food scene, marking a shift from pre-LFC to post-LFC eras. With a focus on creating stunning food experiences, Little Food Daily redefines catering by bringing the party right to your home. Led by Chef Bhakti Mehta and her team, this Bandra-based home-delivery kitchen offers a delightful mix of gourmet and healthy meals. From wholesome bowls to flavorful global cuisines like Sriracha Fish with Fried Cauli Rice and Chicken Red Thai Curry, Little Food Daily caters to health-conscious diners without compromising on taste. Whether you crave guilt-free salads or indulgent pastas topped with Burrata cheese, Little Food Daily's daily menu updates ensure a fresh and satisfying dining experience.

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3. Petuk er Pantry

Petuk er Pantry
Petuk er PantryRamanuj Dutta and marketer Saurabh Jitranjan

Cinematographer Ramanuj Dutta and marketer Saurabh Jitranjan launched Petuk er Pantry during the pandemic to channel their passions. Inspired by his mother and grandmother's Bengali cooking, Dutta focuses on authentic Bengali cuisine, drawing from culinary insights gathered in West Bengal and Bangladesh. Meanwhile, Jitranjan manages operations, marketing, and customer service, crafting weekly Bengali menus. Their signature dish, Mutton Kala Bhuna, hailing from Bangladesh, highlights their dedication to serving soulful, locally-sourced food in Mumbai, emphasizing sustainability by minimizing plastic in packaging.

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4. Charoli Foods

Charoli Foods
Charoli FoodsAnuradha Joshi Medhora

Indulge in royal cuisine from the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh with Anuradha Joshi Medhora's Charoli Foods. Their menu boasts rare delicacies like Kheema Banjara, a cherished family recipe, and Gulab ki Kheer made from handpicked basra roses. Winter specialties like Santre ka Maas, slow-cooked with Nagpur oranges, offer a tangy, spicy, and smoky experience. For dessert lovers, options like Gajar ka Halwa and Lasun ki Kheer are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.

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5. Ammu

AmmuAmninder Sandhu

Experience the delightful and flavorful cuisine from chef Amninder Sandhu's latest delivery kitchen, Ammu. The menu features a variety of kebabs, tikkas, rolls, biryani, and breads. Standout dishes include the chicken mince- and cheese-stuffed Chicken Legs, expertly balanced in flavour and texture, and the Smoked Mutton Chops, a messy yet irresistible delight. For mains, options like Laxmi Chowk Kadai Mutton and coconut-based South Indian chicken curry offer a tough choice. Don't miss the fragrant Sandhu Saab's biryani and equally complex vegetarian dishes like Dal Makhni or Paneer Tikka, all crafted with premium ingredients from scratch.

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