Peter Cat Recording Co.’s New Single Teases A Bold New Era For The Band

Peter Cat Recording Co.’s New Single Teases A Bold New Era For The Band
Peter Cat Recording Co.

New Delhi’s Peter Cat Recording Co., one of the most compelling bands in recent memory, has a knack for transcending genre boundaries. Over the past decade, they have honed their distinctive sound, characterized by nostalgic vocals and haunting melodies that create an immersive, dreamlike experience. Their new track, People Never Change, from the upcoming album BETA, is a testament to their evolving artistry.

The lead single which was recently released offers a tantalizing glimpse into their latest project. The forthcoming album, 'BETA', scheduled for release on August 9, 2024, promises to be a fascinating blend of stories about the future, narrated as if from fifty years ago, making sense of the present-day realities on our planet. The album's thematic richness and musical diversity aim to captivate listeners, continuing the band's tradition of creating songs that exist in their own unique universes.

Peter Cat Recording Co., formed in 2010, has been compared to a radio station from the future or a vinyl record from the past, resisting any straightforward classification. Their music’s eclectic nature is reflected in their new album, which melds indie, bossa nova, jazz, and psychedelic influences. Much like their previous works, 'Portrait of a Time' and 'Bismillah', BETA promises a “whimsical amalgamation” of these styles, further establishing the band’s reputation for innovation and emotional depth.

In support of BETA, the band is embarking on a global tour. This extensive journey kicks off with a series of headline dates in August, following an opening stint for Khruangbin. Their tour will span the U.S, U.K, and Europe, before culminating in a much-anticipated return to India for a set of exclusive performances. These concerts mark the band’s first shows in their homeland after two years of groundbreaking, sold-out tours across continents. The tour, aptly titled 'Good Luck Beta ’24', is a celebration of their new release.

Peter Cat Recording Co. is known for their captivating live performances and they're taking things up a noch for this tour. Fans can expect a blend of old favorites and new tracks, with each performance promising to be a unique and immersive experience. The India leg of the tour will be particularly special, as it will be the band’s only performance in the country for the year.

The band comprises Suryakant Sawhney on vocals and guitars, Karan Singh on drums, Dhruv Bhola on bass and samples, Rohit Gupta on keys and trumpet, and Karthik Sundaresan on guitars and trumpet. Their ability to blend diverse musical styles and create emotionally resonant music has earned them a loyal fan base worldwide. Each member contributes to the band’s distinctive sound, whether through Sawhney’s evocative vocals or the instrumental prowess of the rest of the ensemble.

In a playful twist, the album title was chosen in a unique manner. The band listed five potential titles and had drummer Karan Singh’s six-month-old son pick one. The result, 'Beta', translates to 'child' in Hindi, symbolizing a fresh start and new stories.

With BETA and the upcoming tour, Peter Cat Recording Co. continues to push musical boundaries and captivate audiences around the world. Their innovative spirit and emotive storytelling ensure that they remain a standout in an ever-evolving homegrown music landscape.

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