Dualist Inquiry’s Latest Album Explores Time, Fatherhood, & His Own Musical Evolution

Dualist Inquiry’s Latest Album Explores Time, Fatherhood, & His Own Musical Evolution
Dualist Inquiry

Dualist Inquiry, the trailblazer of India's alt-electronic scene, presents his magnum opus with the release of his third studio album, When We Get There. The release, the artist's first since 2016's Dreamcatcher, is a nine-track exploration of the passage of time, new fatherhood, and Dualist Inquiry's evolution as a musician. With influences spanning genres like house, electronica, UKG, breaks, Indian sounds, and experimental elements, the album is a carefully crafted sonic tapestry.

When We Get There was written between December 2022 and July 2023. It’s a nine track record that reflects on the chapters in our lives that open and close with the passage of time, and the irreversible, unidirectional nature of time. It’s about the innocence of childhood, becoming a father and seeing the world through my daughter’s eyes. It’s the result of  a deeply emotional journey. The process of creating this record has helped me make sense of my own life and present musicality in many ways. It’s become an anchor and reference point from which to assimilate thevarious versions of myself and navigate onwards", shares the artist.

The opening track and lead single, When We Get There, sets the tone for the album. A pilot's announcement introduces a metaphorical flight through life, acknowledging the turbulence but emphasizing the anticipation of a smooth arrival. This track encapsulates Dualist Inquiry's message – despite challenges, the journey is worth it. The peppy rhythms and warm anticipation create a sense of taking flight into the unknown.

Dualist Inquiry’s Latest Album Explores Time, Fatherhood, & His Own Musical Evolution
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I Need To Know ventures into experimental territory, the result of a freewheeling jam with a Buchla modular synth plugin. Drenched in yearning, the track is emotive, amorphous, and psychedelic, extracting exquisite beauty from the unpredictable nature of life.

Coming Alive, written the day after its predecessor, delves into a tender, personal space for the artist. The track radiates with a gentle and comforting energy, using looping synths and sitar samples to express the sense of wonder and gratitude experienced during a transformative period.

Dualist Inquiry steers away from self-consciousness on Days Away, offering a dreamy day-trip of a tune. With a shapeshifting vocal loop and lush Juno chords, the track exudes a driving, feel-good factor, allowing listeners to enjoy it in both relaxed and energetic settings.

The album explores key themes of memory, family, and love with the track Mother. Connecting childhood with new parenthood, the song reflects on the limitless love of a mother and the mystical bond formed with a child. Chopped samples, chance arrangements, and hazy melodies capture the playfulness and light inherent in these deep connections.

Times Go By takes the tempo up a notch, encapsulating the album's theme of the passage of time. Featuring a perfectly selected vocal sample, the track conveys a feeling of strength and growth through its emotively euphoric soundscape.

The celebratory lead single, All There Is, reflects on the transitory nature of life and the persistence, morphing, and evolution of memories over time. With dreamy vocals, emotive arps, and garagey breaks, the track creates a growthful, buoyant mood.

Bloom takes a more somber and reflective turn, exploring the theme of struggle transforming into empowerment. Brooding percussion, haunting vocals, and climbing melodies convey the artist's growth through difficult times, trusting inner guidance to persevere.

Closing the album is My Light, My Fire, a celebration at the conclusion of a long journey. Described as a feeling of coming home and seeing the old and familiar with new eyes, the track vibrates with optimism, serving as a profoundly moving conclusion to the album.

When We Get There is a gorgeous and special record, alive with rich life experience and brilliant warmth. It provides soundtracks for reflective moments in personal spaces while remaining dancefloor-friendly. Dualist Inquiry's latest offering is a piece de resistance, a testament to his astounding and influential career delivered with heart, skill, and emotional integrity. Dualist Inquiry's words on the album reveal it to be a deeply emotional journey, an anchor to assimilate various versions of himself, and a reference point to navigate onwards.

Listen to the album below and follow Dualist Inquiry here.

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