‘Apartment’ By Anurag Arora Is An Intimate Culinary Journey Into His Memories & Travels

ApartmentAnurag Arora

In the heart of Bengaluru, where design meets culinary excellence, Anurag Arora has masterfully crafted a unique experience at the crossroads of gastronomy and aesthetics. As an independent chef and product designer, Arora seamlessly blends his two worlds, creating a captivating fusion of visual delight and culinary brilliance.

His latest venture, a dinner series called 'Apartment', stands out as a testament to his innovative spirit. Arora, known for his distinct formats like 'Fried Chicken and Flowers' and 'Brunch Club', reveals that the Apartment series holds a special place in his creative repertoire. Unlike its counterparts, Apartment takes the form of an intimate dinner party, showcasing a seven-course menu within the confines of a residential space.

Arora's approach to food is refreshingly borderless, avoiding the constraints of a specific cuisine. Instead, he presents a contemporary menu that effortlessly balances flavours, drawing inspiration from childhood memories, personal experiences, and extensive travels. The result is a meticulously curated menu that took three months to perfect, ensuring a consistently exceptional dining experience from start to finish.

ApartmentAnurag Arora

The ambiance of Apartment reflects Arora's commitment to creating a complete sensory experience. Picture a long community table adorned with crisp white linen, the smooth jazz of a turntable in the background, and a silent kitchen where real servers elegantly present each dish. The immersive atmosphere is further enhanced by the projection of behind-the-scenes images from preps and market visits. The name 'Apartment" itself carries profound meaning for Arora, taking considerable time to crystallize in his mind. It signifies the fusion of fine dining vibes, reminiscent of a restaurant, within the cozy confines of an apartment setting.

Beyond the culinary aspect, Arora invests substantial effort in the details that elevate the overall experience—photography, branding, custom aprons, LED signage, and more—all orchestrated by the chef himself. Arora's dedication to every facet of his venture ensures that the Apartment series transcends the boundaries of a typical dinner party, offering an unforgettable journey into the realms of taste and design.

For now, the first edition of the Apartment series will continue to enthrall diners in Bengaluru for at least four iterations. Arora's ultimate goal is to culminate the series with a grand Finale in a different city, after which he plans to retire the current menu and embark on the creation of an entirely new culinary masterpiece. The Apartment series is not just a feast for the palate; it's a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the seamless fusion of diverse influences.

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