'Elsewhere In India' Is A Video Game Experience Set In A South Asian Cyberpunk Future

Elsewhere in India is a video game experience unlike any other. Set in a far-flung future of 2079 AD, the game dives into a post-cyberpunk India where remnants of the nation's rich cultural heritage are scattered and fading. Players step into the role of Meenakshi, a special kind of protagonist – a "cultural cyborg" designed specifically to reclaim and preserve these lost cultural fragments.

The game world is a fascinating blend of old and new. There is a future cityscape where remnants of ancient temples stand tall, their weathered facades hinting at forgotten stories. Exploration is a key aspect of Elsewhere in India, as players navigate these environments and delve into the ruins of forgotten museums. Each artifact recovered is a valuable piece in the larger puzzle of piecing together India's cultural heritage.

The game-like experience features a unique soundtrack that merges traditional Carnatic music with modern electronic beats. This 'IndoFuturism' sound, as the developers call it, creates a perfect sonic experience for the game's world – a world where the past and future coexist, and where the new is built upon the foundation of the old.

The characters of the video game.
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The music is layered and it is intricately woven into the gameplay. Elsewhere in India is described as a "live transmedia performance," meaning the visuals and music are intertwined to create a fully immersive experience. Players might encounter puzzles that require following musical cues, or navigate environments that react dynamically to the rhythm of the soundtrack.

The developers, Antariksha Studio, have a clear vision for Elsewhere in India. They see video games not just as a source of entertainment, but as powerful tools for cultural exploration and preservation. The game aims to showcase the vast diversity of South Asian culture, not as a relic of the past, but as a force that can shape the future by uses electronic music and visuals to tell a story about the future. In this future, cultures around the world are almost gone. It explores the idea of using artificial intelligence to preserve cultures.

Leading this innovative project is the team at Antariksha Studio. The creative force behind the soundscape is Sri Rama Murthy (Murthovic), an eccentric sound designer known for pushing boundaries. Alongside him is Thiruda, a talented remix artist, who uses his magic to create the game's unique musicality. Together with Meenakshi, their digital avatars create a world of hope and harmony, even amidst the ruins of a future India.

Elsewhere in India aspires to be a platform for the next generation of ethnomusicology. By creating high-fidelity 3D representations of traditional instruments, the developers aim to bridge the gap between the physical and digital realms. This paves the way for innovative virtual performances that can breathe new life into ancient musical traditions.

'Elsewhere in India' is a multifaceted cultural experience. This experience will let you rebuild and reimagine a future built upon the foundations of the past.

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