Producer Komorebi’s New Single Brings Together Video Games, Music, & Storytelling

The Fall
The Fall Komorebi

An immersive virtual production created at the intersection of video game technology and music; Indian electronica producer and singer Komorebi has released the first single ‘I Grew Up’ from her new, conceptual album, ‘The Fall’. Regarded as one of the most exciting musicians in India, Komorebi’s productions are often whimsical and dreamy downtempo electronica, but with ‘The Fall’, she has built an entirely new world within, and with her music. 

‘The Fall’ is the coming-of-age story of Kiane, who fans initially met in Soliloquy in 2017 and also highlights Komorebi aka Tarana Marwah’s evolution from an exciting young talent to a seasoned storyteller with fantastical renditions of her music. The multimedia project brings two sides of Komorebi to the fore, Tarana the gamer and Tarana the musician, and ‘The Fall’ is where the two worlds collide.

The story of the character Kiane is captured via the music, a 30-page comic book and brought to life in a music video created with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, making it one of the first few music videos in India made using the video games tech. Her music is emotionally charged, vulnerable yet powerful, storytelling is vivid and inventive. 

“On a surface level it's about combining two worlds – music and animation – marrying them to create a work of art. On a deeper level, I wanted to write a story about my life and single-handedly distance myself from it. The fantastical element of ‘fiction’ allows me that poetic license with this release, as is reflected in the other-worldly music video. This song is extremely personal, very powerful, very me.”

Tarana Marwah

The artist has collaborated with masters like Rajesh Pratap Singh to design her futuristic outfits and partnered with Media.Monks to create a live-action animated music video, ‘The Fall’ is unlike any project in the Indian music space. An avid gamer and anime lover, Komorebi’s showcases characteristics such as fantastical worlds, whimsical themes, emotionally charged characters and world building. 

‘I Grew Up’ successfully harnesses her deeply personal musical style, intertwined with her love for gaming and anime.

You can listen to the single here

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