Homegrown's New Music Round-Up
Homegrown's New Music Round-UpL: Murtuza Gadiwala R: Akanksha Bhandari

#HGMusic: Start Your Week With Some New Releases From Yashraj, Katoptris, & More

Welcome to Homegrown's New Music Round-Up, the ultimate destination for discovering the week's hottest releases across all genres. Each week, we curate a handpicked and homegrown selection of fresh sounds. This week features hip-hop, dance-pop, and more.

18 With You by Aditi Iyer

A Berklee College of Music student, Aditi has been making music since she was 10. After her previous sombre releases, the artist now takes on coming of age milestones, through the lens of celebration, on turning 18 and becoming a legal adult, and undoing romantic woes. One among a double release, 18 With You is a punchy party that invites everyone to mark their coming of age or reminisce fond memories. The retro synth beats are a feel-good companion to the second track of one-sided feelings on a breakaway 80s-inspired anthem.

Listen to it below.

Maze / Haze by Murtuza Gadiwala & Shai

Murtuza Gadiwala, a 22-year-old Mumbai-based artist, known for his songwriting prowess, makes his debut as a vocalist in his latest song Maze / Haze. Released in collaboration with the singer, Shai, the track captures a conversation between a girl who has kept her guy confused and almost made him feel lost in the maze that is her love. The dance-pop track with irresistible beats and infectious melodies, serves as the perfect recipe to deliver a hit that’s made for every setting. The duet vocals feature Shai’s calmness in chaos and a chorus that will almost instantly get stuck in one’s head.

Homegrown's New Music Round-Up
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Masroor by Yashraj & Katoptris

Mumbai-based young and dynamic hip-hop artist, Yashraj's latest song Masroor with Katoptris acknowledges his journey as an artist and the pursuit of shared dreams. It celebrates the aspirations of a group of friends who collectively envisioned a life immersed in music – shaping their existence by creating and producing music that inspires the next generation rather than being influenced by the virality of trends and temporary joys. It reflects upon their journey that seemed like a mere dream once upon a time which has turned into a resolute reality today and captures the joy of having the opportunity to work with your friends while growing and living the dream together.

Pehli Baarish by Akanksha Bhandari

Singer-songwriter Akanksha Bhandari drops an acoustic rendition of her most loved song, Pehli Baarish which makes for a perfect celebration of love, life and the rains following the onset of the monsoon season. The song journeys through refreshing memories and reminisces about the season of love. With soothing melodies backing the song accompanied by the artist’s serene vocals, the song is written, composed and performed by Akanksha and is an ode to the inexplicable feeling of experiencing the first rain of the season and how it becomes even more special when you are in love.

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