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New Music MondayL: NATE08 R: Bulli Bainbridge

#HGMusic: Start Your Week With Some New Releases From Bulli Bainbridge, NATE08 & More

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Inna Minute by NATE08 & Azamaan Hoyvoy

Bassist-producer NATE08 marks his return to production duties with a uplifting, reflective track with the distinctive singer-songwriter Azamaan Hoyvoy on vocal duties. Inna Minute is NATE08 aka Nathan Thomas’ first release after his debut album Furaha in November 2022. The track is about finding hope and faith in a world that can sometimes seem dark and challenging, and Azamaan’s voice mirrors that hope. With themes of personal growth and deliverance at the centre of it, the soul-funk-house iteration ‘Inna Minute’ is the latest instalment of NATE08 explorations of dance music heritage.

Listen to it below.

Roshandaan by Gaurav Raj

The universe has its own ways and plans set to make things work out – things you wouldn’t even have imagined. It conspires to introduce two random people one would never think would cross each other’s paths and somehow manages to play the cupid for them. Roshandaan – Ranchi-based independent singer/songwriter Gaurav Raj’s latest release is an ode to that same kind of love. A chance which leads you to one of the most beautiful journeys in life. As his third single, the song starts with a shimmering ukulele riff and live sounding vocals. The bridge perfectly blends in mandolin with the vocals and light percussions.

Listen to it below.

New Music Monday
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Dude Subdued by Pranav Bhasin

Pranav Bhasin, a talented and young filmmaker hailing from Delhi, has joined forces with musician Rohini Maiti for a new single, Dude Subdued. Pranav has gained recognition for his exceptional skills in directing and producing short films. His expertise lies in the fictional genre, where he showcases his ability to craft enticing and realistic dramas infused with satirical humor. With this latest collaboration, Pranav Bhasin and Rohini Maiti deliver a dynamic new track.

Listen to it below.

One Me by Bulli Bainbridge, Irfana, and Trichia Grace-Ann

One Me is a hip-hop collaboration between Bulli Bainbridge, Irfana, and Trichia Grace-Ann. The song was inspired by a conversation where Bainbridge expressed a desire to be "the only one to does what I do" setting the tone for the song and informing the beat, created by Bainbridge, which arguably steps out of conventional hip-hop aesthetics, with Irfana and Trichia Grace-Ann respectively writing and performing the verses and hook. The song was taken to graphic designer, Imran Udaipurwala, who created the artwork depicting a goddess in street-art form as a powerful, feminine, and singular entity.

Listen to it below.