Anurag Banerjee's Photoseries Captures The Way Our Feline Companions Light Up Our Homes

Anurag Banerjee's Photoseries Captures The Way Our Feline Companions Light Up Our Homes
Anurag Banerjee

I am always suspicious of people who don’t like cats. The fact that cats are supremely independent and cannot be controlled upsets folks who are control freak. Thankfully, none of such people are my friends. In any case, such people are a minority as cats are universally loved — anyone who’s been on the internet can attest to that. Their maverick spirit, captivating eyes, and purrfectly timed cuddles have propelled them to internet royalty. From hilarious reaction memes to endless compilations of feline antics, cats have woven themselves into the very fabric of our online world. A grumpy Persian presiding over a keyboard, a Sphynx basking like a miniature sphinx in a sunbeam - these furry ambassadors bring a daily dose of joy and amusement to millions.

However, beyond the glow of the screen, cats also hold a special place within the walls of our homes. All cat parents can relate to a rhythmic purr becoming the soundtrack to a quiet evening or the welcome weight of a soft body draped across their lap after a long day. Watching your pet cat’s playful curiosity with a discarded ball of yarn or chasing a shifting sliver of light entering through the verandah reminds us to find joy in the simplest things.

I will never forget the day my sister rescued a two-day-old kitten and brought her home. From that day onwards up until six years and counting, Chandal has been the apple of the Sarkar family household. Her antics sometimes border on the insane and ludicrous. For instance, whenever I watch boxing on the television, she is glued to the screen and probably imagines herself to be Mike Tyson as she emulates the boxers’ movements with her tiny paws. I must also share with you the adorable relationship between my Grandma and Chandal. During the initial days after Chandal was brought to our house, my grandma was quite averse to having a pet cat. She used to convincingly cite some superstitious nonsense about how cats are a bad omen and whatnot. As the days rolled by, I observed how in front of all of us, she’d chide Chandal but when no one was looking, she’d be the one to feed her. Slowly and steadily Grandma gave up the pretense and openly declared her love for Chandal. She gets extremely jealous when my mother or I try to feed Chandal and if she cannot spot her for more than a couple of hours, my Grandma is up in arms to organize a search party. Even as I write, I can see both of them lounging on the sofa and watching television.

All these thoughts gushed into my mind when I saw Anurag Banerjee's recent photo series Cats and Portraiture — a love story. It is such an intimate series, shot in domestic settings, capturing the unconditional love between a pet cat and the members of the family, of which it is a part. The photographs radiate with positivity and capture the best of both the cat and its owner. I apologize. Cats can never have owners. On the contrary, we are the ones domesticated by these supreme beings. It's no wonder that one of the greatest civilizations, Egypt, worshipped these majestic creatures.

Anurag Banerjee is a talented contemporary Indian photographer who was born and brought up in Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, and is currently based out of Mumbai. While he has diverse thematic explorations through his photography practice, he is more than glad to capture your portrait along with your pet.

Anurag Banerjee's Photoseries Captures The Way Our Feline Companions Light Up Our Homes
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