Explore The Art Of Contemporary Photography Through 3 Unique Homegrown Photo Projects

3 Contemporary Homegrown Photo Projects
3 Contemporary Homegrown Photo Projects L: Aditya Varma R: Amesh Wijesekera

The arts and culture in our country are flourishing. We need only look around to experience it. Photography is one of the most popular art forms practiced in India now. Contemporary photography captures the essence of our modern world with a unique blend of artistry and technology. Through the lens of talented photographers, everyday scenes are transformed into captivating visual stories or memories frozen in time showcasing the beauty of landscapes or people, human emotions, cultural diversity and more. Contemporary photography has become a powerful medium for expressing the complexities of our time, inviting viewers to see the world through new and thought-provoking doors of perception.

3 Contemporary Homegrown Photo Projects
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Today we are going to explore three intriguing contemporary works in the realm of photography:

I. Aditya Varma’s Photobook — 'Monotony'

Aditya Varma is a distinguished director of photography and photographer based in Mumbai. He has made a profound impact on the global stage with his exceptional visual storytelling. His work spans acclaimed full-length feature films, including Namdev Bhau in Search of Silence and Kia and Cosmos, both of which have garnered international recognition at esteemed film festivals. Notably, his nomination for best cinematography at the Milan and Nice International Film Festivals for Kia and Cosmos stands as a testament to his unparalleled talent.

Beyond cinema, Varma's evocative imagery has graced advertisements for leading companies and fashion campaigns for national and international brands, while his lens has also captured the essence of music through collaborations with renowned musicians like Prateek Kuhad, Ritviz and more. His foray into documentary filmmaking, exemplified by the exciting show following leading bikers of India, titled Cruising Legends, showcases his versatility and storytelling prowess. As an ambassador for Fujifilm, he continues to inspire and empower aspiring filmmakers through workshops aimed at harnessing the potential of small cameras in cinematic pursuits.

With such a diverse portfolio and experience of a decade, Aditya Varma fans were super excited when he announced the release of his debut photo book Monotony. His main motive was to have his audience go beyond digital platforms like Instagram and view his works in print, which is undoubtedly the best way of truly experiencing a photograph. The photobook contains some of Varma’s favorite images, which also thematic justice to the title. It is a collection of photographs captured through Varma’s lens over the years featuring several unknown and peculiar places, people and things that are somehow connected through their monotony.

This [the photobook] is a mediation on monotony, which I am constantly drawn to capture, especially in its subliminal state.

Aditya Varma

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II. Nirvair Singh Rai’s Exhibition — 'Reclaiming Spaces'

Nirvair Singh Rai

Nirvair Singh Rai is not just a photographer from Mumbai but a photographer of Mumbai who captures the soul of the city through his lens. Every artist interprets the respective spaces they inhabit differently and then expresses it through their artistic language. Nirvair’s thought-provoking and striking imageries of the City of Dreams give us a window into how the photographer interprets the essence of the city he resides in.

Upon his arrival in 2016, Rai felt an immediate connection to the city, inspiring him to embark on journeys through its streets from time to time to discover the myriad realms where people find solace amidst the hum-drum of urban life. Frame by frame, he shapes the Mumbai of his heart, capturing the quintessence of dreams, devotion, duress, and distress in its varied spaces.

Nirvair Singh Rai

Now, you can soak in Nirvair’s expression of Mumbai at an upcoming Method exhibition titled Reclaiming Spaces.

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3 Contemporary Homegrown Photo Projects
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III. Amesh Wijesekera's Collection - 'Beyond Borders'

This work is a perfect example of contemporary photography interweaving with the world of fashion. The 'Beyond Borders' collection curated by Sri Lankan designer Amesh Wijesekera is a celebration of South Asian heritage and identity, transcending geographical boundaries to redefine cultural narratives. Inspired by his inaugural expedition to India, the collection captures the essence of a sentimental journey, evoking the scents and sounds of the vibrant country and resonating with a comforting ambiance reminiscent of home. Set in bustling Mumbai, the collection breathes life into artisanal knitwear, intricate crochet designs, and handwoven textiles from Sri Lanka, symbolizing the interconnectedness of global cultures and the fusion of shared ideas, emotions, and friendships. It represents a confluence of traditions and contemporary adaptations, painting a picture of hope, discovery, and fresh beginnings against the backdrop of dusk.

The creative vision behind 'Beyond Borders' is brought to life by a talented team, including photographer Sarang Gupta, stylist Anchal Notani, and the remarkable talents of Furquan and Brijesh Yadav, along with the expertise of MUA Deepti Soste. The photo series wonderfully complements the theme of the fashion collection and speaks to the universality of artistic expression, gender fluidity, cultural exchange, and the boundless potential of transcending geographical constraints to create something truly exceptional, weaving threads of heritage and modernity into a stunning mosaic that resonates on a global scale.

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