Amesh Wijesekera's Beyond Borders Collection Celebrates South Asian Heritage & Belonging

Beyond Borders
Beyond Borders Sarang Gupta

The 'Beyond Borders' collection curated by Amesh Wijesekera embodies a profound cultural amalgamation, transcending geographical limits to redefine the narrative of South Asian heritage and identity. The collection marks a celebratory ode to Amesh's inaugural expedition to India, encapsulating the essence of curiosity, excitement, and a profound sense of belonging.

The vivid depiction of this cultural rendezvous is exemplified through the sensory experiences - the olfactory and auditory symphony that engulfs Amesh during his sojourn. The collection not only showcases a fashion line but also serves as a testament to a sentimental journey. It captures the ineffable emotions triggered by the scents and sounds of India, resonating a familiar, comforting ambiance reminiscent of home.

Set in vibrant Mumbai, a bustling metropolis that pulsates with life, embraces the hustle and richness of diverse communities. This is where traditional styles change to become something new and meaningful. Here, signature silhouettes undergo a metamorphosis, reworked to discover new meanings and purposes. The collection breathes life into artisanal knitwear, intricate crochet designs, and handwoven textiles meticulously crafted in Sri Lanka. These garments travel oceans, journeying through Colombo, London, Berlin, and now, India, symbolising the interconnectedness of global cultures and the fusion of shared ideas, emotions, and friendships.

Each piece finds its unique space and significance in this global village of cultural exchange, representing a confluence of traditions and contemporary adaptations. The visual narrative, captured against the backdrop of dusk, paints a picture of hope, discovery, and fresh beginnings. It's a manifestation of the beauty that emerges when diverse cultures interlace, creating a harmonious blend that transcends borders.

The creative vision behind the collection is accentuated by the talented team responsible for its visual portrayal. Photographer Sarang Gupta, stylist Anchal Notani, and the remarkable talents of Furquan and Brijesh Yadav, along with the expertise of MUA Deepti Soste, collectively breathe life into the garments, bringing forth their essence and cultural significance.

In essence, 'BEYOND BORDERS' speaks to the universality of artistic expression, cultural exchange, and the boundless potential of transcending geographical constraints to create something truly exceptional. It encapsulates the beauty of unity in diversity, weaving threads of heritage and modernity into a stunning mosaic that resonates on a global scale.