Homegrown Label IMWIP'S New Collection Elevates Comfort And Style For Fall Fashion

Homegrown Label IMWIP'S New Collection Elevates Comfort And Style For Fall Fashion

“This collection emphasises that winter is not just a season, it's a canvas for reflection."

In 2021, Ishita brought IMWIP to life, channelling her vibrant personality and extensive experience in the fashion industry. Beyond just clothes, her vision includes creating uplifting content and building a spirited community of like-minded individuals focused on personal growth. 

At its heart, IMWIP is a tribute to those who navigate life's challenges while striving to better themselves. The brand recognizes that fashion is not just about looking good; it's a form of self-expression and a powerful tool to boost self-confidence. Ishita, with her extensive experience in the fashion design and clothing supply chain industry, envisioned a brand that would not only offer high-quality products but also foster a community of like-minded individuals on their own paths of progress.

This ideology is succinctly translated onto their pieces, particularly, the "Frames of Mind 2023" collection is a testament to this vision. With a focus on gender-neutral designs, IMWIP breaks away from traditional norms and embraces inclusivity. The screen print details on the front of the garments add a touch of uniqueness, reflecting the brand's commitment to individuality. My personal favourite is the cotton, distressed rib neck Pre-Internet T-Shirt with hand embroidery details on the right sleeve. This design choice ensures that the t-shirt is naturally on the body, allowing for ease of movement while maintaining a polished, albeit casual look.

Pre-Internet T-Shirt
Pre-Internet T-Shirt IMWIP

The collection from Work in Progress offers a diverse range of versatile clothing options, all staying true to the collection's overarching theme. From thick sweatpants for a snug and comfortable feel to the WIP Essential Shorts, there's something for everyone. For more formal fall occasions, the collection includes impeccable 100% cotton-blend corduroy pants with an elastic band at the back, featuring elegant embroidery details on the bottom back side. Practicality meets style with two side hand pockets at the front and two back pockets, all in a regular, gender-neutral fit.

But the collection doesn't stop there. It also features an array of wardrobe essentials including hoodies, printed t-shirts, waffle tops, distressed vests, and sheer knit tops. Adding a crowning touch to the collection is the timeless Perspective Jacket, crafted from a blend of 100% cotton and dead stock fabric. With only 10 unique jackets available, each piece is a rare find. This black and white jacquard jacket boasts embroidered patch details on the shoulder, a slightly oversized fit, and a gender-neutral design, making it a standout piece in this exceptional collection.

Perspective Jacket (in the centre) .
Perspective Jacket (in the centre) . IMWIP

The collection has a common theme of the darker shades (brown, black) contrasting with lighter tones (white, beige, cream) which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of fall and autumn. The hand-embroidery details on the shoulder showcase the brand's dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is a labor of love, a fusion of art and fashion.

At the end of the day, The Fall 2023 collection from Work in Progress  encapsulates the brand's core philosophy of celebrating progress over perfection. "Frames of Mind," speaks volumes about its underlying message. It invites us to view life through different lenses, to appreciate the beauty in imperfection, and to acknowledge that growth is a continuous process.

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